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6sense & Pardot: ABM Platform Enhanced

6sense & Pardot ABM Platform Enhanced

A leading Account Based Orchestration platform, 6sense, extended its relationship with so as to include integration with their marketing automation solution – Pardot.

A few days ago, 6sense had entered into a strategic AI-driven partnership with Reactful which combined intelligent AI-driven web personalization with Account Based Orchestration.

With the help of this new integration, brands will be able to orchestrate campaigns across a wide array of channels and according to 6sense; these channels would include website personalization, digital advertising, and email.

This integration combines the time-based predictions on prospect engagement from 6sense with marketing execution from Salesforce Pardot.

Customers that are shared between both the companies can use 6sense to uncover demand and to prioritize accounts and at the same time, they can engage with buyers with personalized marketing campaigns through the Pardot platform.

Liam Doyle, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Salesforce Pardot asserted that Salesforce’s mission is to reduce the divide between sales and marketing through account-based alignment so as to help their customers grow their business. He further stated that the 6sense platform makes it easier to identify the right target accounts, which is at the root of an integrated marketing campaign.

This integration lets 6sense and Pardot customers do the following:

  • Uncover and create unified account profiles for those accounts that are demonstrating known or anonymous buying signals.
  • Accounts that show buying signals can be prioritized and segmented through competitive research, website visits, campaign engagement, predictive in-market scores, etc.
  • Provide account-level insights to sales teams.
  • Through the use of orchestration capabilities, you can engage with buyers across a wide range of channels from digital advertising and website personalization to sales and messaging.

Amar Doshi, the vice president of product at 6sense released a statement wherein he stated that for users to execute account based tactics across sales and marketing, they would need centralized and actionable insights. Those Pardot customers that have had early access to this integration are witnessing fast time-to-value and are now driving pipeline growth by leveraging the multiple capabilities on the platform.

Among the companies that got early access are Agile Frameworks and Mediafly as they are both customers of Pardot and 6sense. These companies are already reaping the benefits of this integration.

The pipeline at Agile Frameworks has already grown 4 times which has led to an increase of 8 times in closed deals, according to Alan Littman, chief marketing and sales officer at Agile Frameworks.

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