7 Essential Sales Automation Apps for B2B Businesses

7 Essential Sales Automation Apps for B2B Businesses

The business landscape of today is fiercely competitive. B2B enterprises are always trying to find ways to emerge as unique entities in their targeted industry. A good strategy that has proven to work for these businesses is the usage of sales automation apps. These apps have rich features and functionalities to process sales and productivity. This article will talk about the seven essential sales automation apps for B2B businesses that can be integrated with business operations.

Why Do B2B Businesses Need Sales Automation Apps?

Today, the B2B sales mechanism is complex and has various aspects. There are multiple touchpoints and stakeholders to be taken care of. Sales automation apps are to curb the usual challenges that B2B businesses face when doing repetitive tasks and managing leads. They also need help with insights regarding customer behavior. Automation is a cool thing to harness for these businesses when they create WhatsApp chatbot and develop email marketing campaigns to streamline their sales workflows. They can now improve collaboration between teams and accelerate the sales cycle.

Recent research shows that companies with sales automation tools can significantly improve their business functioning over time. They can have better lead conversion rates, sales productivity, and customer satisfaction.

What Is The Best Application For Sales Automation In B2B Businesses

A lot of businesses find it hard to choose between the plethora of options available in sales automation apps. We have compiled a list of the seven best applications for sales automation in B2B businesses:

1. Kommo

How to build a chatbot in Kommo | Kommo Salesbot

Kommo is a cloud-based sales automation tool that is widely used by small businesses and entrepreneurs. It has an intuitive UI with great features to help with efficient sales. Users of this app can easily manage an entire sales process, which includes lead generation and conversion. The Chat inbox feature helps with real-time communication.

The Client profiles provide useful data about client preferences and behavior. Their sales pipeline management feature is important to allow users to track leads at every sales funnel stage. This is a great way to ensure that no opportunity is missed. Kommo further has task organization features to streamline workflow management.

Templates and bots features help automate repetitive tasks to save the business workers’ time and productivity. Last but not least, Kommo’s chatbot builder integrates into your WhatsApp business account to create intuitively interactive communication with your clients.

2. Zoho

Zoho is a comprehensive application for marketing automation for B2B businesses. It helps generate, nurture, and convert leads effectively. Its advanced lead generation tools help businesses get hold of high-quality leads and get in touch with them through personalized communication.

  • Zoho guides businesses through the sales funnel. It also enables targeted content and messaging. Real-time analytics give valuable information regarding your campaign’s performance. This is so you can refurbish your marketing efforts and receive maximum ROI with sales automation.
  • Zoho’s perfect interface boasts customizable features in its sales automation systems, like scalability according to your startup’s or business’s size. You may want to streamline your lead generation or want better customer engagement. Whatever it is, Zoho has the tools and resources you need.

3. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a multifaceted CRM app that helps B2B companies deliver perfect customer experiences. Its automation potential is amongst the most powerful in the market, enabling businesses to streamline sales.

  • It saves precious time that would have been otherwise spent repeating the same tasks repeatedly. It even personalizes your interactions with customers based on demographics or types of buyers. ActiveCampaign assists in creating targeted email campaigns that are designed with customer preferences in mind. It draws information from previous buying and browsing patterns.
  • When you have implemented an email campaign or any type of marketing/ sales campaign, ActiveCampaign will help you keep track of its progress. In the long run, this app gives you deeper control over your campaigns and how to modify them based on market turns.

4. HubSpot

HubSpot is renowned across the world for its detailed sales and marketing features. It empowers businesses in the three stages of the buyer journey: attraction, engagement, and delight.

  • The top tools in the HubSpot suite are lead generation, management, email marketing, and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). It even has a chatbot feature to allow businesses to automate customer services.
  • It has customizable automation templates for each business’s unique needs so they can resonate with their targeted audience. HubSpot can streamline the sales process and facilitate great lead generation.

5. Growbots

Growbots is another powerful B2B sales lead generation app. It primarily identifies potential customers from a database of over 200 million contacts. Growbots caters to every business differently based on their industry, company size, and location.

  • It boasts advanced search filters and AI-powered algorithms for generating leads for the company’s products/ services. Its prominent outreach tools are personalized emails and follow-up sequences that help fasten the lead conversion rate.
  • You can access the analytics dashboard to work closely on your campaign’s success. Growbots is the right tool for everyone, from a small startup to a large enterprise.

6. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a great automation application that suits businesses of all sizes. It specializes in creating and sending email campaigns to engage customers and bring in organized revenue.

  • It does not matter if you are new to sales automation tools; Mailchimp can easily create professional emails that cater to particular customers. It creates personalized email workflows that help you send the most relevant message to the right client.
  • Welcome messages, follow-up emails, and new subscriber texts can be scheduled and automated on Mailchimp to be delivered punctually. Analytics gives you full control of open rates, clicks, and real conversions. Using the most advanced sales automation technology helps you modify emails according to what works.


Keap is a comprehensive sales automation app for both B2B and service-based businesses. It assists them with hands-on sales processes by automating routine tasks like lead management.

  • Keap’s leading features are personalized email marketing, scheduled follow-up reminders, and client interaction tracking. It integrates seamlessly with CRM, so businesses have access to the most relevant customer information.
  • Keap is perfect for businesses that want to keep track of their improvements and find what works best with their marketing strategies.


Sales automation apps drive B2B businesses towards their long-term goals of sustainable growth. In a competitive market, these apps are a good way to manage the sales process and convert leads naturally. With the given tools, you can wonderfully improve your business’s marketing campaigns.

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