A strategic alliance that creates the Industry’s first ‘Ideation to Experience’ solution has been announced at the Epi Partner Close-Up event in Stockholm on the 6th of February between Aprimo and Episerver. This partnership brings Aprimo’s marketing resource management (MRM) solutions and digital asset management (DAM) to the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud.

Aprimo provides technology solutions for operations, content, and performance while Episerver provides unified digital content, marketing platform, and commerce. Through this integration, creative teams can now be empowered by organizations while standardizing, digital, marketing, and e-commerce on a single solution. They can do this through the elimination of rogue campaigns, delayed projects and customer loss through inconsistent experiences.

Furthermore, this integrated solution offers executive leadership visibility into the upstream process of creating content that works side by side with in-market content performance data. This helps in getting an accurate analysis of the ROI of your content.

Episerver Digital Experience Cloud users can make use of the approved content from the Aprimo DAM, and Episerver Commerce users can access the product content and associated data in the Aprimo DAM. The mutual partnership that Aprimo and Episerver have with Microsoft has been leveraged through this integration in order to enable them to run on the Microsoft Azure platform.

The officials at Episerver have confirmed this news and say that the move is based on the buying patterns of customers and industry trends which allow Episerver to match support and delivery models in the capacity of a cloud-first company.

This move was announced 2 days after the Episerver Partner Success Program where Episerver was said to be shifting from the presently traditional model of perpetual licensing with annual maintenance and support to a subscription-based model. This change gets set in motion on the 6th of March 2019 and is a follow up of direct feedback about how businesses intend to purchase software by asking customers, prospects and their partners.

According to James Norwood, EVP strategy, chief of staff at Episerver, “Episerver is moving in line with the rest of the industry, following other close competitors, now that license sales represent such a small part of their business (under 13 percent) with the rest already subscription based.”

Ed Breault, head of marketing at Aprimo added that enterprise brands are aiming for omnichannel experiences but end up failing to scale. When this happens, they look for solutions that can help them across all experience touchpoints which includes commerce, mobile experience, and their channel experience. He added that the brand is trying to get their content, message and their transaction optimized, and for this, they need technology that aids in all the behind-the-scenes work.

“You have Episerver, which comes from a content, commerce, and customer experience background, and then you have Aprimo, which has digital asset management and manages the whole content lifecycle, the business of experience, the business of marketing, and they needed each other to come together to achieve the whole value proposition that we’re putting into the market. It was a natural connection,” Ed Breault added.


Founded in 1998, Aprimo is an enterprise marketing management solution provider that enables organizations to implement and manage online marketing activities.


Founded in 1994, Episerver, the world’s fastest growing provider of Web Content Management (WCM), e-commerce platforms, and online social community, is a global software company that offers digital marketing and digital commerce.


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