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Adobe & Drift Power Real-time Conversations at Every Stage for Marketo Engage

Adobe & Drift Power Real-time Conversations at Every Stage for Marketo Engage

A first-ever conversational capability for account-based experiences (ABX) has arrived. Adobe and Drift, the leading conversational marketing platform, announced on April 1st 2019, the launch of Conversational ABM™ for Marketo Engage.

Thanks to this brand new launch, Marketo Engage customers will now be able to tap into a new Adobe service that  offers them the power to personalize website visits with a conversation that is personalized and in real-time.

The Conversational ABM™ for Marketo Engage will provide a new way to identify, understand and engage B2B customer buying teams and will be available to Marketo Engage customers, as a part of Adobe Experience Cloud.

Steve Lucas, the senior vice president of Digital Experience business at Adobe explained that it is at the heart of Adobe’s mission to optimize the end-to-end business buying experience for marketers. “Finally extending personalization to one-on-one, real-time interactions across any account has been a critical need for every B2B marketer investing in account-based experiences — which is why, together with Drift, we are thrilled to unlock that capability for the first time,” he continued.

According to Steve, Conversational ABM™ for Marketo Engage takes personalization beyond content. This allows marketers to use ABX in order to have personalized, live conversations with the right strategic accounts at the right time, every time.

The CEO of Drift, David Cancel, acknowledged that customers nowadays have more options and information than ever before so it is them and not companies that have all the power in the buying process and as a direct result of this, the company that makes this process easiest for the customer, wins. In spite of this, David lamented that most B2B websites add too much friction and force buyers to do too much in order to have a simple conversation with someone.

“With Marketo Engage and Drift together, marketers will be able to have personalized account-based conversations at scale with website visitors at any stage of the buying process and provide the VIP experience that buyers expect today,” David further added.

The New Process

Target account lists need to be simply connected with Drift, Marketo Engage customers and then they will be able to target each website visitor with a chatbot, a relevant piece of ABX content or aid in a direct connection to a sales representative.

Live chat — one of the fastest growing channels for B2B marketers – is brought by Conversational ABM™ for Marketo Engage to Marketo Engage’s ABX solution which enables Marketo Engage and Drift users to:

  • Instant Scheduling Of Meeting With Top Accounts: Contacts from previously-identified strategic accounts will be able to skip filling in the website form and instead will be able to instantly book a meeting with the sales representative that owns that account. This will all happen while the visitor is live on the website, no matter the time of day.
  • Faster Connection Of Qualified People Tied To Key Accounts With The Right Sales Representative: A fast lane for marketing qualified accounts (MQAs) will automatically get opened by Conversational ABM™ for Marketo Engage and will directly start a conversation between them and the sales rep that is assigned to the account.
  • Personalized Experience Created For Each Customer: Each time a customer visits the website, depending on where the customer is in the buyer’s journey, they will witness a unique, personalized experience that will match their path-to-purchase status.
  • Prove The Impact Of Conversation Marketing: all Conversational ABM™ for Marketo Engage conversations can be tracked by marketers who will be able to even attribute them back to revenue.

Furthermore, Marketo Engage also announced that Verticurl, a Global Platinum Marketo Partner and WPP company, is their preferred global partner that helps in accelerating integration of Conversational ABM™ for Marketo Engage directly into marketers’ current marketing technology stack, marketing operations processes, and customer experience strategy. Verticurl’s global team of marketing technology and ABX consultants in over 20 countries will be of benefit to Marketo Engage customers.

Last week, Steve Lucas had announced their strategic partnership that involved Adobe, Microsoft and LinkedIn and which aims at helping marketers gain deeper and real-time understanding of target accounts through rich account profiles.

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