Are you 100% sure that you are engaging with the right audience, at the right time, through the right channel and with the right messaging? If you are, then congratulations you have a successful demand generation strategy but if not you probably face a few problems.

  • Huge and complex amounts of data sets get filtered using arbitrary criteria
  • The patterns and connections that marketers define may be superficial
  • Any approach that gets chosen as a marketing strategy cannot be accurately confirmed of its success, only estimated

If these are problems that are familiar to you then Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help.

The crucial benefit of AI for B2B marketers is that they will now be able to go through their huge piles of data and process it all within a matter of minutes. This has a huge impact on the amount a marketer understands about who their customers and prospects are and how to engage them.

AI was designed for the purpose of mining big data. Very similar to IBM Watson (the first big data computer), AI systems excel at mining insights from large datasets and in turn, an AI analysis teaches businesses so much about their customers, recommending leads that should be pursued and even to discover and target accounts that have the highest possibility of converting into a sale.

AI systems are exceptional at data processing and they are time efficient, inexpensive, requires minimal manpower and the risk of error is almost nil.  

B2B lead generation has always been a process that required tons of time invested by humans into researching different companies and categories of people that have an influence on the purchasing decisions within each company. With the help of AI, you will be able to identify and generate leads that will grow your company database.

The New Lead Generation

AI technologies are now challenging traditional methods of lead generation.

  • Extracting insight from data – Before a purchase is made, a customer indulges in a lot of online research in order to prep themselves with all the information. The searches and queries they conduct produce a lot of data that when analyzed helps an enterprise plan their next move. CRM systems that are AI driven enhance humans to fully immerse themselves in the data and are able to make a predictive analysis that helps direct leads to their business.
  • Campaign monitoring – Campaigns that are AI driven offer real-time indications to the campaign developer about that and when needs start changing so as to make the campaign more ROI driven. The AI programs that are based on deep neural networks and predictive analysis skillsets aid in learning about customer behavior. This data can then be used to create actionable insights.
  • AI-powered communication – AI and Machine Learning powered chatbots no longer work to just answer a fixed set of questions. They have Natural Language Processing (NLP) and deep learning is programmed into them now that enables chatbots to understand a customer’s intent and even offer real-time suggestions to customers that translate to sales. Chatbots can predict, personalize and are even capable of making decisions and understanding buying patterns.
  • Recommendation Engines – Suggestions that are driven by AI technology showcase how an algorithm is able to understand a customer’s behavior and even offer highly personalized recommendations for product purchase. This helps to empower the customer and lets them feel understood.
  • Real-time data analysis – When a consumer browses their social media or through search engines or even an e-commerce store, the data from that is being fed into a machine learning algorithm that begins to offer real-time discounts that are based on their behavior.
  • Intelligent content – Enterprises need to move away from just relying on visual and textual content to intelligent relatable content for the purpose of working as a channel for lead generation. For this purpose, various machine learning algorithms are used to proofread the content and offer changes.
  • Custom-made messaging – After building a great list of contacts ready to be targeted with your next marketing campaign, increase the possibility of success by sending customized messages for each and this is something that can be carried out by employing AI technology for this purpose.

Customize emails and messages by using a machine learning algorithm to derive data from past conversations with the customer then implement AI technology to perform the appropriate action based on the gathered data. This ensures a high level of customization which in turn results in a significant boost in sales.

No longer is lead generation a mere marketing email that has a 50 – 50 chance of conversion. With the aid of AI, personalization has reached human interaction levels and is just bound to grow as AI-powered tools are being widely adopted. So as a marketer, in order to connect with your customers and enhance customer interaction, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is the platform for you.


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