Question no. 1: What is the reason behind a high unsubscribe rate?

Your options are;

A. Irrelevant Content

B. Too many emails

C. Emails with bad content

D. All of the above

If you answered D – all of the above, then you are right. (A) & (B) have been discussed by us before and so let’s deal with the kind of content that needs to be a part of your emails in order to keep your subscribers interested.

A B2B email message serves multiple purposes like:

  • Attracting prospects
  • Nudging prospective leads that are already in the pipeline closer to a sale
  • Connecting with customers and reinforcing their decision to buy from you
  • Establishing a company’s authority as a thought leader


So as to drive traffic to your website and generate leads simultaneously, marketers need to include interactive content into their marketing strategy and in their email newsletters. This can be done through quizzes.

Why quizzes? Well, you decided to click this blog because of the title expecting a quiz, so you can see the USP there itself! Other reasons are:

  • They are addictive
  • Help reel in leads for the top of your funnel
  • Help build trust with buyers
  • Help keep the conversation going
  • Ceaselessly add value for both marketer and prospect
  • Fundamentally aid in social and drive sharing

‘Take the CPM Challenge,’ a quiz created by software company Prophix (Corporate Performance Management Company) experienced a 47% click-through rate and 57% lead submission rate.

Quiz Creation

So for the purpose of lead generation, here’s how you can create your own quiz.

1. Decide on a concept and a quiz type

Begin by determining a concept to base your quiz on. It can be your brand, your products or even a trending topic. Once decided, figure out an intriguing title as it makes a massive difference. Once the concept and title are set, choose the kind of quiz you need to make. The 2 most popular types are the personality quiz and the knowledge quiz. 

2. List out quiz questions

There are certain guidelines that need to be kept in mind when coming up with questions.

  • Your brand’s personality must be reflected in the quiz. Once the quiz taker is comfortable with your tone, they will be more willing to opt-in at the end of the quiz.
  • To keep the quiz taker interested, include relevant images with your questions which will make them feel like they are part of a trivia game show.
  • Keep a maximum of 6 or 10 questions for your quiz which would make your quiz last for 2 to 3 minutes; just enough to maintain your audience’s short attention span.

3. Craft a lead-capture form

The sole purpose of a lead-capture form is to collect contact data from your quiz takers which will grow your email list. If part of your marketing strategy, it will even allow you to follow up with your leads and convert them into customers. The placement of such a form is crucial as it is vital that your audience fills it out. For this, it is ideal to place the form right before they receive their results. 

So as to increase the possibility of opt-ins, you need to offer your audience something of value like a weekly newsletter, a free eBook, or an entry to a free giveaway. You also need to be honest and let them know that you will be contacting them, so they don’t view your email as spam. 

4. Create results that are social media share-worthy

To increase share-ability, your results need to be appealing which will help in making the quiz go viral. Some things to keep in mind when think of results that can go viral are:

  • Results that evoke positive emotions lead to an increase in content being shared on social media.
  • Similar to how you used images while questioning, using images with the result is highly appealing and has a higher probability of getting shared on social media.
  • After your audience gets their results, it is vital that you direct them to your company’s website or products which will allow them to familiarize themselves with your brand.

5. Marketing automation for follow-up emails

Before converting the leads you have generated into paying customers, there is a particular sequence that you need to following order to see a successful conversion rate. 

Step 1: Express gratitude to the quiz taker. This is mandatory. Right after they have opted-in, a thank you email must reach their inbox, thanking them for taking the quiz and to remind them of what is yet to come.

Step 2: Persuade your audience to take more quizzes. Keep your audience informed about the other quizzes you have created that they can take. This works as a great transition from the thank you email while presenting more content to your audience. 

Step 3: Build trust by using customer case studies or testimonials.  After a week has passed, the next email can be sent which will have testimonials and case studies highlighted. This will encourage your audience to start trusting you based on your customer’s opinions.

Step 4: Convert leads into paying customers. Your hard work at nurturing your leads should by now paying off and your audience should be well-informed by now about your brand. It is time for them to invest that knowledge in closing a sale. 

Going through these steps, even though it may seem time-consuming, is well worth the effort. If you need help in automating these follow-up emails, our email marketing services are here for you.


As the most popular content distribution choice among B2B marketers, email drives the most number of leads and brings the most revenue. Emails show the highest return on investment in comparison to any other channel and for this reason, it is highly vital that you keep your audience entertained and hanging on your every word.

In order to experience effective marketing, both parties need to benefit which ensures engagement for both. If the balance falls short, the entire marketing equation falls apart. Quizzes strike the balance. Keeping in mind the above steps, incorporate quizzes in your email newsletter today and see the difference it will make to your conversion rates.


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