On 27th of August 2019, LiveRamp, a trusted platform for providing meaningful insights from data gathered from multiple touch-points, announced their jointly developed solution with Bombora. This new solution will enable B2B marketers to reach untapped niches for acquiring exclusive SMB audiences with exemplary intent targeting. Leveraging the strategies of account-based marketing (ABM), Bombora & LiveRamp have developed tools to identify, target & convert the groups of the audience that were extremely hard to discover. 

The tools will enable the meticulous targeting of dynamic, diverse & fragmented audience bases which are extremely valuable for the small- and mid-sized B2B marketers but are also pretty hard to comprehend. The marketers will be able to scale up their marketing endeavors using behavioral and intent-based targeting of the prospects, based on the intricacies of artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning (ML). By the coalescence of the B2B data expertise offered by Bombora & leveraging the wealth of identity solution from LiveRamp, the marketers will ensure that both the explicit & implicit intentions of the prospects are captured to optimize their experiences & generate better sales revenues for the small & mid-sized businesses.

The tool is first of its kind for SMB marketers which will allow them to identify their audience segments possessing intents to buy specific products or services at disposal. Also, capturing the implicit data means that marketers can better communicate with their audiences as they can figure out when the audiences are most likely to respond. SMBs can benefit from providing relevant offers that have been tailored to match the interests of their audiences. As the audiences are actively researching online for their buying preferences, providing them exactly the solutions that suffice their needs not only streamlines their buying cycles but also leads to an upsurge in the revenue for the marketers.

Pieter De Temmerman, COO of LiveRamp B2B explained that SMBs have historically been a challenging industry to target & traditional technics don’t help much as they are stagnant & have geographical limitations. He expressed his glee on partnering with Bombora & added that stated that the alliance between the two companies will empower the B2B marketers as they will specifically be able to focus more on the companies (clients) showing higher probabilities of completing the purchases. 

The target SMB audiences can be built by combining the acumens from the enhanced SMB IP-based audience clusters built by Bombora third-part data & the resolution capabilities being provided by LiveRamp. The target audiences then, are activated by an array of media including display advertising & intrinsic channels in the U.S.

Bob ray, global SEO of DWA expressed his joy and stated that the new solutions will give clients a data solution with high precision & the wider reach that they expect. He further added that reaching SMBs through digitized channels & taking faster actions upfront leveraging traditional methods, has been difficult; however, the innovation developed by Bombora & LiveRamp will allow the segment-based targeting of the SMBs using their IP addresses. He also stated that there are cases where third-party audiences have proved to be more efficient in expediting the sales processes.  

Bombora targets about 7.5 million SMBs globally with up to 100 employees. Bombora’s IP-based audiences can be currently availed in the U.S and the U.K and they plan to tap into more markets in the coming months.  

About LiveRamp:

LiveRamp enables identify platforms to be used by brands & their partners. They deliver innovative products & exemplary experiences. LiveRamp establishes a synergy between data, people & applications leveraging its key competencies in data accessibility, identity, connectivity & data stewardship.

About Bombora:

Bombora provides intent data for B2B marketing. The data integrates the endeavors of the marketing & sales teams. The sales & marketing can focus on their competitors & learn about the products they offer to the audiences which helps them to make necessary moves for optimizing their sales revenues. Bombora has Company Surge Data which allows marketers to learn which product-related pieces of content are delivering good results for businesses. The clients often contribute the content consumption habits & behavioral data about their audiences. A better understanding of the audiences’ intent allows marketers to serve relevant ads to their prospects & helps them to monetize their inventory more efficiently.


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