On the 30th of September 2019, BrightTALK announced its new insights tool to aid in the level of precision of its buying intent-based marketing product named Intent Leads. The tool helps customers gauze the buying behaviors of their niche-specific prospects.

BrightTALK is a platform being used by nearly 8 million professionals to participate in online talks & events & thus, is one of the leading content & demand generation platforms. BrightTALK launched its buying-intent targeting tool called Intent Leads early in the year 2019 to provide its B2B clients with a full-funnel suite of demand generation & lead generation products.  The tool helped the B2B brands identify the prospective leads possessing the buying-intent. The insights are based on the content consumption & engagement activities being demonstrated by the B2B clients across omnichannel during their digitized journeys & research processes.

Not only the Intent Leads help marketers to discover their niche-specific audiences but also allows them to discover the companies, people & competitors that are targeting the same niche-specific audiences. The tool is powered by Ads, which is BrightTALK’s propriety artificial intelligence machine. Ada is a beneficial tool for tracking buying-intent by employing social listening & mapping trends of the customers across omnichannel. The machine monitors more than 100,000 talks on BrightTALK in real-time & identifies the most popular & trending topics across diverse verticals in the industry including major departments such as sales, marketing, IT & HR. 

The in-built directory of BrightTALK classifies the customers’ behavioral data into several segments such as “digital transformation”, “cloud migration” or “cyber defense” for managing an impactful repository for deploying the buying-intent based targeting of the prospects. Once the client can understand the in-depth intricacies of the buying intent & engagement, they can opt for segmentation & sub-segmentation of their buying prospects to improve their niche-based targeting campaigns for generating higher conversions.

Some of the metrics demonstrate the number of companies & professionals that view the pieces of content related to specific topics over 6 months. Customers can also view the amount of content that has been created for a specific topic. 

The data collected from diverse touch-points of the prospects across omnichannel can either be further filtered based on relevant fields such as company size, geography & the seniority-level of the prospects or can be further divided into several clusters based on the demographic, firmographic, psychographic, technographic, “fit-data” as well as the diverse first & third party buying intent signals of the prospects.

The data from clustering can be employed for market segmentation & sub-segmentation so that the marketers can have a more refined view of their prospects’ buying intent & can work on hyper-personalizing their experiences & delivering them with relevant pieces of information to expedite their buying cycles to achieve their core bottom-line objective of sales revenue optimization.

Each company & professionals using the tool are assigned BrightTALK’s proprietary “intent score” reflecting on the buying-intent of their prospects & are ranked based on the same. The scores may range anywhere between 0 to 100 & use real-time data-model valid for 6 months, after which it is rolled out again. Ada uses an amalgamation of metrics such as the volume of content consumed, duration of engagement & duration of engagement  & revisits to demarcate the groups showing exceptional buying-intent which points towards a probable purchase. The wealth of insights provided by the insights engine can help the marketers in optimizing their content strategies by focusing on predictive & buying-intent based insights which further helps marketers in improving the outreach of the campaigns.

The customers of Intent Leads can streamline their sales prospecting efforts by establishing a constant flow of the professionals showing the greatest inclination to purchases & direct them (the ones having healthy buying-intent) straightaway to the Customer Relationship Management tools (CRMs) & the Marketing Automation Platforms.

According to the CEO of BrightTALK Paul Healad intent marketing is becoming extremely popular in the B2B community; however, most of the marketers are still oblivious about the actual buying intent of their leads. He further added that BrightTALK’s insight engine replaces the guesswork of targeting prospects with predictive & data-driven insights & provides customers with noticeable insights by empowering them with knowledge, insights & solutions. He expressed his glee over the constructive feedback the company is receiving form its customers for improving its buying-intent based tool. 

About BrightTALK: The vision of BrightTALK has been to bring the professionals & businesses together to learn & grow. The technologies created by the company are leveraged by professionals across the globe to share their insights, ideas & up-to-date knowledge with their peers & customers. The online event tool by BrightTALK offers a dynamic platform for everyone involved. The company was founded in the year 2002 & is headquartered in San Francisco, California & specializes in online events, demand generation, videos, webinars, streaming media, engagement marketing, thought leadership, lead generation, online communities, rich media, content marketing & webcasting. 


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