Case Study – B2B Telemarketing For Leading Software Provider

Case Study – B2B Telemarketing For Leading Software Provider

Vertical Market – Software

This client’s product — intelligent recording and analytic solutions for contact centers is a great example of the challenges facing B2B telemarketing Sales organizations:

  • Longer term sales cycle — 6 month average
  • Average sale value of over $100K.
  • Several layers in the customer decision process.

Their solutions are “low volume, high ticket” items being used by over 1000 companies worldwide. In addition, the company changed its name in 2002. So, this client needed to not only generate leads, build a Sales Opportunity Pipeline but also increase awareness for their new brand.

The client’s VP of Global Marketing, Through this experience, she knew the value of telemarketing for generating qualified leads, creating market awareness and gathering market intelligence as a result of phone discussions.

The client uses both a direct sales force and channel partners, each with segmented markets based on geography and size of prospect (number of “seats” etc.). Any lead generation efforts would have to support their multi-tiered distribution requirements.


VALASYS project encompassed:
1. Outbound cold calling to generate and qualify leads for both the sales force and channel partners. Lists included names from trade shows, from list vendors as well as targets compiled from the current direct sales force.
2. Building and managing a Sales Opportunity Pipeline for future revenue.
3. Appointment setting, lead distribution and tracking.
4. Lead disposition reporting.
5. Market intelligence consolidation and reporting.

Results and Impact:

The results included:
1. The client spent less than $50K on VALASYS services and closed a $250K sale.
2. Two other VALASYS generated, qualified leads are being worked and expected to close in 2015.

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