“The chatbots are taking over the human race!” is not a statement you will be hearing as chatbots have not been built to replace humans but to do the same job in a better manner that is fast and effective with the help of existing tools. This will leave humans to take care of more important tasks.

In the B2B marketing & sales context, ‘Conversational Commerce’ is an emerging term which brings together the 3C’s of a sales and marketing chatbot; Content, Conversation & Context and in order to truly utilize chatbots to their full potential, leverage these3Cs.


In spite of how incredible chatbots are and how helpful they are to your company, they are limited by what is programmed into them. No need to fret, it isn’t as hard as it sounds.

  • Define which line of business your chatbot will serve; B2B or B2C
  • Define the objective of the chatbot; customer care, sales platforms, operating costs, user experience.
  • Decidethe central function of the chatbot; product sales, customer support or news sharing.
  • Provide 24/7 attention to the user bettering the quality of the user experience
  • Prepare chatbots for future infrastructure evolution


Create a chatbot that has a personality and enables a functional yet linear conversational style through the creation of multiple story lines.


Apart from assigning and preserving each user’s unique identifier, the chatbot need to know the when, where and what of the user. The chatbot must be able to give proper guidance to users and even make clear the boundaries that confine them in each conversation.

In Conclusion

As the most direct line between a problem and its solution Chatbots are a marketer’s dream as it entails a World where authentic relationships can be built with their buyers. 


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