Contact Discovery Services


While formulating a marketing campaign, marketers prepare their budgets accurately and decide which strategy will work best for their campaigns. After which they proceed uncompromisingly.

But the sad thing is that many marketers fail to see success when their campaign period is over.


They forgot to take care of the most important factor of marketing campaigns – the contact databases of their targeted customers. No matter how much you spend on your campaign, no matter how many platforms you use – your campaigns just cannot succeed if you fail to acquire the right data and contact your prospects using their proper information.

With the amount of time, your sales teams will spend on contact discovery by trying to get B2B sales leads from outdated pieces of information – you are losing tons of money.

You need to either create a step-by-step process for your team to follow while creating a B2B contact discovery list or outsource it to an expert agency.


When conducting contact discovery by yourself

  • Detailed specifications using customer data

The ground rule is to know your customers well. If you have created a detailed buyer persona, this step becomes much easier. Then organize these details in an excel sheet into the following categories and find a pattern.

  • Industry
  • Company Size
  • The role or designation of the person
  • What is their pain point?
  • What feedback do they have?
  • How does your product help?
  • List of target companies

Once you know whom to target, make a list of companies which fit the specification.

  • List of the department and the decision makers

Start looking for the department you want to target and get details about the decision maker.

  • Contact details of the lead

Research the decision maker by compiling information from their social media profiles, websites, interviews, media releases etc.

  • Validate email addresses and phone numbers

Start calling your leads one by one.

Outsourcing the contact discovery list service

Valasys has an excellent contact discovery service and we can help by:

  1. Making innumerable calls and talking to various people in the industry
  2. Identifying the right decision makers the company is on the lookout for.
  3. Providing value-based and intelligent information about the prospects. This enables your organization to have B2B contact lists that have genuine and accurate information about each and every contact with the freedom to get the same replaced on request if falling short or not so accurate.

Majority of such leads obtained through contact discovery services are genuine as they are thoroughly verified by phone. Along with this information, your company needs business intelligence in order to better understand your market and prospects effectively. List acquisition will work great by itself if it is easy to segregate the decision makers according to their job titles but at times job titles are not too easy to understand and do not reveal much about the specific role a person plays in the organization.

By making hundreds of calls, talking to several people in the target company and finding out the specific people responsible for the role you are looking for; our experienced researchers get you the best quality leads.

The contact discovery researchers employed by Valasys are highly skilled and do a very good job of obtaining and verifying authentic information about the prospects’ phone numbers, email addresses, and other company information. This helps secure better market leads.

We at Valasys can assure you that your sales teams will not get any decayed contacts. With our aim of slashing down on the time, you will spend on these contact lists and the efforts and budget you will spend on them, we are able to achieve higher ROIs.