Content Syndication Services


Before contacting a vendor regarding a purchase, more than 90% of B2B buyers consult a white paper or case study. One of the most cost-effective ways to leverage your investment in the content you have created – white papers, analyst reports, or other informational content – is content syndication.

Potential leads looking for information related to a business problem can find your company through your content assets and this is possible through the power of Content Syndication.

One of our most-loved services and possibly our preferred service too is B2B Content Syndication.

Content syndication works extremely well with the B2B industry since a lot of its revenue is based upon it. Along with content syndication, we also look at content marketing, paid content distribution, white paper syndication and content-centric demand generation with equal importance. With all these available at one-stop, our content delivery network gives both the client and his customers the flexibility to choose what they want, speak to us about customization (if possible) and make sure the services they receive can be traced back.



After deciding the number of qualified leads you require, leave everything else up to us. Once this information is with us, we’ll give you what you need to get started in the process. Reaching out to us if something does not work for you is a definitive option.


With a special team that is responsible for research, you can understand the levels we go to in order to make sure that our research is reliable and we always provide correct information. We also go a step ahead with our in-house quality team to assure that the quality is always maintained, working with a quality percentage of 95% and higher.


We make sure that this final step is done with the best resources and executed carefully. With a systemized execution arrangement in place, we create an impact when it is delivered which helps the audience notice the client and keeps them yearning for more.


Our management aspects are perfectly in line with what you have in mind. To give you a better value for our services, it is also essential to make sure the same stays intact over a prolonged period of time – something we strongly recommend. Post this; our team is always up for a discussion or clarification on what we have provided. If for some reason, you feel our services are not as per your expectations, we are all ears – please let us know and give us an opportunity to make our content syndication strategy better. (Long-term management)


To make sure the leads are ready to go, our teams will check, recheck and then check some more. All the added effort is only to ensure that our clients receive nothing but the very best each time they deal with us. With the leads that we hold, we run several checks to ensure they are the best in quality in every regard. Only when it finally passes each one of our stringent criteria does the lead get sent ahead. This way of working has only toughened us up over time and we plan to continue to keep doing so.

As you can see, content syndication is complex and involves tracking, content feeds, managing vendors and cost-per-lead negotiation. Because of this, Valasys Business Solutions offers a content syndication service that handles all these tasks. Your sales teams would then just need to follow up on the leads we find.

Valasys goes above and beyond lead generation. We provide a full suite of pipeline development services, including lead verification, nurturing and conversion.