Keeping in mind the bigger picture of pursuing meaningful engagement through the implementation of an enhanced branded content marketing solution, GRVTY Media came into partnership 9 months ago with Creme Digital, the digital marketing strategists.

Since the partnership, Creme Digital generated an analytics report on the collaboratively produced content. The report revealed that the content has reached a total unique audience of 6.8 million people! This comes as a result of multiple successful campaigns where the collaborating teams met and exceeded the often demanding and challenging client requirements.

It is usually easier to market companies with more consumer-focused products, according to their desirability or popularity. But when the product isn’t relatable then then challenge begins there.

The Manager from Global Asset, a wealth management company, Louis Yap, admits that for the kind of solution they provide it isn’t easy to narrate without it becoming too dry and boring. Nevertheless he was pleased with the resulting content. He approved of the report that he received once the campaign had ended. He believes that now he knew his audience better.

Those traditional companies that are going online for the first time can get intimidated to create content from scratch for the purpose of marketing. The Sales Director of Sissons, Jacky Chin, found the step-by-step guidance useful and felt the effectiveness of the all-in-one solution.

Due to the success that came from the GRVTY Media and Creme Digital collaboration, Kuala Lumpur based publishing house Blade Digital Media recently announced their partnership with Creme Digital. Blade Digital Media used to be known as Mongoose Pacific and is home to brands like Time Out Kuala Lumpur, Expatriate Lifestyle, Time Out Penang, Esquire Malaysia, and Essential Education.

Creme Digital offers technology that allows the partnership to produce content that will have a large audience reach, better performance and a deeper engagement. Karen D’cruz the Commercial Strategy Director of Blade Digital Media acknowledged that they have been offering content marketing solutions for a while but haven’t been able to understand and verify if the content produced is reaching the right audience.

“This partnership will enable us to tap into Creme Digital’s analytics expertise to offer our clients’ real-time data to ensure the content we produce reaches the right target audience,” Karen added.

Oliver Cheah, Managing Director of Creme Digital, asserted that marketers often engage in branded content activities with publications which don’t provide the right environment for their brands nor engage the right audience. She further explained that through using their content marketing solution, brands would be able to leverage Blade’s publications and content expertise and this will drive quality audience engagement in environments that provide reliability and relevant brand association.

About Creme Digital

Creme Digital is a marketing solutions company with a focus on turning complex digital channel strategies into easily accessible, all-in-one solutions.

About GRVTY Media

GRVTY Media is a digital media and content marketing group that consists of Southeast Asia’s fastest growing digital publications including Vulcan Post, Millennials of Singapore, Discover SG, Discover KL and The Playbook.

About Blade Digital Media

Blade Digital Media is a digital and print publishing house that has launched and grown several international brands like Time Out Kuala Lumpur, Time Out Penang, Time Out Malaysia Guides, Esquire MY Magazine and their very own homegrown brand Expatriate Lifestyle.


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