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Demandbase + Marketo = Seamless ABM Integration

Demandbase & Marketo Integration

On March 28th 2019, Demandbase announced a new level of ABM integration with Marketo Engage so as to provide B2B marketing and sales teams with more flexibility to share accounts and audiences between platforms and between solutions.

Leveraging this seamless ABM integration, joint customers will be able to combine first party contact data from Marketo with the deep account-based intent data from Demandbase. Known contact and anonymous account data will now be able to be linked across platforms by making the most use of intent and engagement insights.

This integration helps in identifying and expanding high value accounts and in taking action on them across channels. Through this beefed up ABM platform, B2B marketers will now have flexibility and will be able to enable ads to be delivered at scale with extremely targeted marketing.

To identify high-value accounts Marketo users can leverage the intent and engagement insights from Demandbase. Mutual customers will be able to have an all-inclusive view of the buyer’s journey from the first signal of intent to marketing engagement to sales activity.

Chris Golec, the CEO of Demandbase explained that B2B marketers consider their contact database a core asset but continuously struggle to leverage it in their account-based campaigns. “With our expanded partnership, mutual customers can improve the performance of their ABM programs by reaching their key contacts across channels,” he further added.

Shai Alfandary, global head of ISVs and LaunchPoint ecosystem at Adobe offered his comment as well. He asserted that the goal is to help B2B brands engage with individual contacts and accounts more effectively and across all channels which would include email.

Demandbase clarified that the integration will offer a link between the known and anonymous account data across 2 solutions. So as to maximize the impact of a powerful marketing automation platform like Marketo, it is critical that the company sell an increased volume of overall leads to their target audiences, according to the CMO of Demandbase, Greg Ott.

He further added, “Now, with the Demandbase connector for Marketo, businesses can optimize this lead capture from the start, driving more and better-qualified leads, and enabling sales and marketing teams to focus on their most scalable programs to increase revenue.”

Demandbase’s targeting and personalization platform is built on patented real-time identification technology and a proprietary data management platform. This new integrated functionality will roll out to Marketo and Demandbase customers in Q2 2019.

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