ZoomInfo, a B2B contact database provider, has been acquired by DiscoverOrg, a marketing and sales intelligence provider. In order to provide sales, marketing, and recruiting professionals incredible access to the most trusted and comprehensive B2B data available in the market, the two companies have come together.

DiscoverOrg has given out a statement to release a light integration by March 2019 which will position mutual customers to access both platforms. Over the next year, both the databases will be combined into a single data intelligence platform and DiscoverOrg plans to even launch newer features, integrations and analytics.

Henry Schuck, DiscoverOrg co-founder and CEO, stated that high-quality data is the fundamental go-to-market requirement for business growth. He believes that in the near future, CRM and marketing automation systems will be defined by the data that is stored within them and not by their empty-box capabilities.

“To effectively capitalize on growth opportunities, companies of all sizes need accurate firmographic, technographic, contact and intent data. Combined, DiscoverOrg and ZoomInfo deliver the trifecta: B2B data of the highest quality, quantity and depth,” Henry added.

The research-verified accuracy and deep buying insights of DiscoverOrg complements ZoomInfo’s comprehensive worldwide coverage of 100 million business professionals. Both the companies use highly advanced exclusive technologies and tools to gather, cleanse, and maintain contact and company data.

Through increase in innovation investment and the bringing together of their complementary strengths, both the companies will be able to help businesses achieve what used to be considered impossible: a go-to-market operating system for sales and marketing teams that identifies target accounts that should be engaged every day, week and month. This will be based on fit, engagement, and intent data that will be collected in a variety of ways.

This integration will give customers access to a 360 degree view of buyers who make purchase decisions along with accurate contact details, buying profile insights, and organizational charts.

The ZoomInfo CEO Derek Schoettle stated that this combination of DiscoverOrg and ZoomInfo will create the only solution in the market that can deliver the highest quality and the highest quantity data that will drive sales and marketing efforts. “I’m thrilled that our customers will benefit from the best B2B intelligence platforms coming together,” he added.

According to the Sr. Research Director at SiriusDecisions, John Donlon, effective sales and marketing relies on data that is able to combine deep and insightful context with a high-quality broad coverage. He even added that being able to access this kind of data in one place is a dream-come-true for every team.

The combined organization will be led by Henry Shuck. It now serves nearly 15,000 customers and has 120,000 users across the globe. Derek Schoettle will be serving in an advisory capacity during the transition.

G2Crowd has identified both DiscoverOrg and ZoomInfo as the Top 100 Software products of 2019 and the Top 10 best product for sales. Apart from this, the companies have secured several consecutive honors on the Inc. 5000 list for the world’s fastest growing private companies.


Founded in 2006, DiscoverOrg has become the leading global sales and marketing intelligence tool which is used by over 2,000 of the world’s fastest growing companies to accelerate growth. This sales and marketing intelligence platform provides access to the most accurate data, real time projects, and org charts.


Founded in 2000, ZoomInfo has used its diverse portfolio of proprietary technology to become the growth acceleration platform it is today. They provide access to more email addresses and more direct dials than any other B2B contact provider. 


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