On 14th of August 2019, Dubai Tourism announced TFest, the world’s first AI-powered luxury travel festival to be hosted in Dubai on February 2020. Dubai Tourism is the official destination partner of the event to be held at Nasimi Beach in Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai from February 23rd to 27th. The festival will be a congregation of about 500 influential luxury travel buyers & exhibitors from across the globe. 

As the travel industry is constantly evolving & adapting to newer technological innovations, the trade shows, too, need to match up with this momentum.

According to Private Luxury Events, the organizers of TFest, people make strong business relationships amidst small scale settings like this festival, as they get the chance to know each other. As compared to the small scale gatherings the larger events might offer more potential connections; however, those platforms render business people feeling impersonal & thereby, the find it difficult to connect with the right group of people. 

TFest, is the world’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered luxury travel festival which will address the above issue being faced by the B2B business people to connect on a larger scale, and will also provide them with unique experiences allowing them to connect on a large scale platform, keeping the element of personalization intact. A large-scale & highly personalized platform that will bring business people together will automatically coalesce the best of both worlds for promoting the interactions & collaboration amongst some of the most influential luxury travel buyers & exhibitors. 

TFest will be using AI-powered technologies to foresee & monitor business delegates to meet the best people throughout three days.

Some of the exhibitors that have been confirmed by now include Six Senses Omna, Adaaran Resorts Maldives, Bliss Maldives, Destinations of Distinction & Gili Lankanfushi. Many more exhibitors are anticipated to be announced shortly. 

Dubai is well-known across the globe as a luxury destination with the extremes of the desert as well as an ultra-modern infrastructure. The city of innovation is well poised for the vibrant backdrop of the three-day B2B networking festival.

TFest will allow delegates to enjoy & leverage on an excellent platform to connect in an extremely free-flowing & highly sociable atmosphere. Mornings will be characterized by meetings between carefully matched buyers & exhibitors while in the afternoon the participants can use the AI-powered matchmaking app to have free-flowing meetings with people the consciously choose.  

Delegates will be able to explore Dubai & all it has to offer in terms of luxury travel festival shows while building close, meaningful relationships with each other through meetings. 

Keeping the spirit of the festival alive, the evenings will be characterized by the fervor in terms of spectacularly themed night, culinary delicacies & lots more in store as surprises.

Richard Barnes, CEO of Private Luxury Events, stated that they launched TFest to enable personalized connections between business people, in real-time & on a larger scale. He also felt excited that using a single celebratory event several global luxury travel communities will be able to come together. 

We further added that they believed in AI matchmaking technology & in the fact that it will architect the networking industry & will give delegates at other events a better experience. He also felt assured that by making the best of their valuable time, the participants will be able to make the most of their B2B networking skills & will be able to translate them into the outcomes that they desire.

Thus, TFest will bring the global luxury travel industry together & supplemented with AI technology will make intelligent permutations & combinations of the people to meet. A better return on time & investments for the participants is anticipated as using advanced machine learning-based algorithms will empower the participants to avail of the vital pieces of information, critical in the landscape of the modern knowledge-based luxury travel industry.  

About TFest:

TFest is an Events Services company that leverages on the ideology that the future of B2B networking relies on making the human-to-human connection stronger to generate better business. TFest is a new, free-flowing experience where a participant can genuinely connect with people of their choice (often the people whom they consider to be experts or influencers). Thus, TFest 2020 is all set to serve as a platform for genuine business connections, for mutual business gains in a joyous & inspiring environment.  TFest is all set to rewrite the rules of a trade show and morph it into a luxury travel festival. The vibrant festival using AI will create an experience, both large scale and personal for the participants.


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