On June 3rd 2019, E2open, a company well-known for crafting intelligent supply chain solutions & investing in artificial intelligence & precognitive analytics, announced the acquisition of Averetek, a leader in Through-Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA).

The acquisition will enable companies to carter most comprehensive end-to-end solutions to reap maximum benefits from their sales & marketing endeavors. The companies will be able to tap into new market niches, shape their demands & succeed at businesses employing their indirect sales channels.

This acquisition will allow enterprises across the globe to have impeccable control over their indirect sales channel by increasing their vigilance over them. Averetek provides resellers with pieces of content for lead generation that are perennially useful, besides packaged marketing services & miscellaneous impactful demand generation solutions (including email support & marketing, social media automation & web content syndication).

Averetek keeps manufacturers engaged across diverse reseller channels, in an accessible way & with its acquisition E2open, will now be providing end-to-end solutions to its customers; including planning, managing & executing the channel marketing actions.

Peter Thomas, Chief executive officer (CEO) of Averetek, who joins E2open as their vice president of channel strategy, told that joining E2open will enable Averetek to provide brands across the globe with broader sets of tools & services & thus, will help the brands increase their channel growth.  

E2open has been the largest global channel network provider & connects its clients to more than 2 million channel distributors, along with several reseller groups & retailers from an array of industries including high-tech, industrial & customer packaged goods. Data from all the parties are exchanged & analyzed in real-time to deduce a comprehensive solution suite; to help channel sales, channel marketing & channel operations, perform better.

Maria Chien, chief advisor, channel marketing strategies at SeriousDecisions emphasized that companies that want to bolster their growth understand the role of technology in managing communities, in expanding market shares & in optimizing the sales by passing on the right pieces of information to the decision-makers at every stage of supplier organization.

Maria also expressed her concern about data & system related challenges & stated that such challenges, in past, have caused channel organizations to involuntarily make critical decisions just on the basis of premonitions & anecdotes; heretically & oftentimes without enough scientific data.

While Maria seemed a bit skeptical, Michael Farlekas, president & CEO of E2open affirmed that acquisition of Averteek will enable both the brands & their resellers to increase the demand for their products & services & in-turn will deliver an optimized & anticipated ROI. He further added that the goal of E2open is to create a comprehensive digital supply chain to connect all parties ranging from customers to suppliers which is possible by leveraging precognitive algorithms in real-time, which will compel the companies to respond instantaneously to the changes in the demand & supply.  

About Averetek:

Averetek facilitates channel marketing to leading brands across the globe including SAP, Pure Storage, SonicWall, Tableau & Splunk. It enables channel partners of its clients to tactfully plan & execute a variety of marketing campaigns so as to help them build healthy sales pipelines & optimize their revenues.

About E2open:

E2open aims to create an integrated, all-encompassing & a precognitive & intelligent supply chain by leveraging algorithms (artificial intelligence). Real-time demand & supply data & fluctuations in inventory are recorded, & integrated with data from customers, distribution channels, vendors, contract makers & logistics partners. A comprehensive & agile-technology based supply chain platform allows companies to analyze the data collected in real-time, using the principles of artificial intelligence & machine learning & drives data-driven & smarter precognitive decisions.

An all-inclusive decision is made after collecting & processing data from the demand, supply & logistics ecosystems of the clients. E2open, LLC has its recorded trademarks viz. E2ope, E2open Logo & Harmony. E2open is changing the conventional ways of managing demand, logistics & supply chain management & delivery of the products & services.


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