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Emphatic Thinking Acquired by Yesler

Emphatic Thinking Acquired by Yesler

On 7th March 2019, Yesler, America’s leading B2B marketing agency acquired Emphatic Thinking, bringing together two well-respected agencies that are known for their go-to-market strategies and B2B marketing campaigns.

Since the past 7 years, Yesler earned the reputation as a leading B2B marketing agency due to their exclusive B2B focus and their whole suite of coordinated services and solutions that span all B2B marketing activities. Consistently being recognized as one of the top B2B agencies in the United States, Yesler has developed global marketing initiatives which include marketing operations for demand generation and customer advocacy for some of the world’s leading technology companies.

Yesler has also expanded its operations internationally as they have opened offices in Singapore and London.

5 years ago, Emphatic Thinking was founded and soon became known for their application of the classic philosophical approach that is grounded in reasoning and persuasion to B2B messaging and positioning. Eric Duerr, the founder of Emphatic Thinking, uses a trademarked methodology called GTM or go-to-market so as to assess the influential value of claims made for and against a brand offering.

In the Emphatic Research division, the focus is on gaining a better understanding of GTM challenges by leveraging quantitative and qualitative approaches. This division provides evidence-based recommendations for the integration of research results into messages for a company.

David Jones, the co-founder and president of Yesler, foresees that the combination of Yesler’s creative, media, and marketing technology along with Emphatic’s registered strategic positioning methodology for a highly distinguished, results-driven approach that global organizations can leverage in order to position themselves strategically and to prove their value to customers.

With this acquisition, Emphatic’s solutions and expertise will be added to Yesler’s B2B marketing services suite for customer advocacy, demand generation, and marketing operations.

About Yesler

Through the application of an integrated and end-to-end framework on the various B2B marketing challenges of technology companies, Yesler has built more than a decade of working with some of the world’s most innovative and largest B2B technology companies like Microsoft, SAP, Dell, etc.

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