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Empowering Marketers with Marketo – ON24 Partnership

Empowering Marketers with Marketo - ON24 Partnershi

According to the Marketing Data and Analytics Survey 2018 conducted by Gartner, 81% of marketers expect that the majority of their decisions will be data-driven by 2020. Due to this, it has become critical for organizations to build a marketing technology stack that is integrated and that streamlines data collection and provides customer insights.

It is for this reason that on March 12th 2019, ON24 is going to partner with Marketo to help marketers deliver an end-to-end demand generation solution as they integrate with their webinar channel. ON24 is the technology leader that helps companies create live, always-on and personalized digital experiences.

This partnership, which is a multi-year agreement, will be the Industry’s most seamless and robust webinar data integration that will provide incredible value to the thousands of customers who currently use ON24 and Marketo in order to engage with and understand their audience.

Sharat Sharan, the CEO of ON24, emphasized that marketers use ON24 and Marketo in order to gain actionable insights into the buying journey of their prospects and so as to convert them into lifetime customers.

“We’re excited to strengthen our relationship, and together, help marketers deliver digital experiences that captivate audiences and drive revenue,” Sharat further added.

Both the organizations, Marketo and ON24 have a commitment towards helping marketers move beyond superficial tactics and towards more meaningful experiences and connections with their prospects. This shared goal is furthered by their relationship and it enables marketers to create data-rich ON24 webinars and content experiences, capture every interaction and automatically transfer that intelligence to Marketo.

These behavioral insights in Marketo enable marketers to gain a powerful way to accelerate and scale personalized and account-based marketing (ABM) strategies.

Marketo selected ON24 as the company’s global webinar provider so as to deepen the engagement and data of their own marketing experiences. Now, using the behavioral intelligence provided by the ON24 Platform, the company will be able to inform its own audience engagement strategy.

ON24 has been a Marketo customer for the past 5 years and will now become a member of the Marketo Partner Advisory Board. The agreement on partnership was formalized between the companies in order to innovate their synergistic technologies which make it easy for marketers to adopt and realize the engagement data value.

Mika Yamamoto, VP Customer Success, Digital Experience, at Adobe commented that data is integral to marketers so they can deliver outstanding customer experiences and finally the shareholder value. He added, “Through our collaboration with ON24, we will be able to give marketers deeper insights into their customers, helping transform their funnel and positively impact their bottom line.”

About ON24

Founded in 1998, ON24 is the global leader in webinar-based marketing solutions that provides lead generation, webcasting, and virtual event solutions in order to achieve performance requirements of companies.

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