Back in the late 90s, Jack Ma, the founder of, and Rasmus Refer, the CEO of Fastbase, were some of the first pioneers in business portals and search engines, gradually learning more about the customers in those markets. While Jack focused on e-commerce, Rasmus chose search, web analytics, and lead generation as his focus.

Today, 2 million companies that are members of the Chinese trade portal giant,, can benefit from the powerful web analytics and lead generation tool developed by Fastbase.

“During November, Fastbase created two million accounts for companies selling on These companies will be able to access new leads looking for their products online. “, states Rasmus Refer, CEO of

Fastbase, the popular extension to Google Analytics, has a goal of becoming the world’s leading web analytics and lead generation tool and to aid with this growth, they launched in the Chinese market. Mainly designed for B2B companies, Fastbase has grown tremendously and has over 900,000 companies using its web analytics tool in order to identify website users and find new leads.

“We have great expectations for the Chinese market and are already considering to build a joint venture that will help support the enormous market in Asia,” states Rasmus Refer.

Through website visitor tracking, you have the potential to see at what stage your visitors are currently at in the buying process or how close they are to actually needing your services. This is the beginning to your digital marketing sales funnel.

With the launch of the InMarket Leads software, these businesses will be able to generate even more leads worldwide. Along with being able to pinpoint which companies visit your website, Fastbase’s new InMarket Leads software can also reveal information on over 130 million companies that are searching on Google for your products or services.

This feature is great for those companies that want to find leads worldwide that are searching for their product or service in real-time. It is essential that companies are aware of any and all interest that exists with customers for purchasing their products and services.

This InMarket Leads tool can be accessed via their recently launched beta version:

About Fastbase, Inc.

Founded in 2015, Fastbase is a fastest-growing U.S.-based software company that now analyzes over 6 billion website visitors from over 900,000 companies and top brands from around the world.


Alibaba a Chinese e-commerce company enables its users to buy or sell anywhere in the world. Millions of buyers and suppliers all over the world do their business online through the assistance of Alibaba’s own trading markets which includes an International Trading Market that serves as a global import and export business; a Chinese Trading Market that caters to domestic business; and a Japanese Trading Market.


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