On the 2nd of September 2019, Google unveiled “Find What Matters” to unleash the value of search as an advertising platform for the businesses.  The campaign has been created by 72andSunny Amsterdam & includes the unique audiences & ticks that can be reached using the search. 

Execution of Multi-channel Campaigns:

The campaigns will launch in the UK in September & will be executed for two months on social media channels such as YouTube, display, search, OOH as well as on the print media.

The media will run through OMD & Google’s digital agency, Essence. The campaign is going to be very useful for the customers & will improve the relevancy of their searches. The B2B customers nowadays are looking for quick solutions to their problems which have to be provided to them instantly, when they want it. 

The “Find What Matters” is going to be the first search campaign of its kind & will remind both the media buyers as well as the marketers of the importance of the transformative power of search. Using the campaign, the prospects will be able to search about their buying preferences on multiple platforms across the web & thus, the relevance of their searches as well as the contextual precision of their search results will be improved dramatically. 

The Unbridling Power of Search:

Emma Howley, Search Lead at Google UK & Ireland cited the importance of search as a digital utility & stated that a relevant search result is a weapon for the prospects across diverse digitized platforms to cut through the clutter & noise of the outside world & allows them to find solutions to their pain-points, whenever they want to. She further added that even momentary exposure to alternative brands can disrupt the buying decisions of the prospects. She seemed excited explaining how the launch of “Find What Matters” will supplement & celebrate the incredibly powerful process of search.  She also seemed convinced that with the advent of the campaign, the users will seek more precise answers to their questions. 

Rey Andrade, Deputy Executive Creative Director at 72andSunny Amsterdam said that the advertising world often tends to overlook B2B projects on an inherently biased basis; however, with the progression of the campaign, the searches will be refined based on the intent of the B2B buyers & prospects. 

Even though the campaign is meant for marketers & media planners, the main idea of launching the campaigns is to keep the judiciousness & the belief in the Google search functionality intact – by providing the users with precise answers to their questions, whether they be big or small.

Also, the ‘Find What Matters’ campaign created by 72andSunny Amsterdam has been designed to match up to the omnichannel search habit of the users. The brands understand that they have to keep abreast with the daily research behaviors of the customers & have to follow them on multiple channels, wherever the specific brands are being researched. 

Rey Andrade also stated that to ignite the interests of the marketers in the search functionality, the campaign has been planned to focus on life moments such as finding a removals service urgently to highlight the key role that Google plays in the daily lives of the customers.  He added that the ads have been purposefully created, keeping in consideration the look & feel which is preferred by the customers, reminding brands of the importance of Google search in their marketing strategies.

About Google

Founded in the year 1998, Google is the number 1 search engine in the world. Since then, Google has grown by leaps & bounds. The mission of Google is to organize the information in the world & to make it universally accessible & useful. Besides, search Google specializes in features such as ads, mobile, android, online videos, apps, machine learning, virtual reality, cloud, hardware, artificial intelligence, YouTube & software. Google believes in raveling the immense possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT) & is used by specialists in almost all the spheres. 

About 72andSunny:

72andSunny is a marketing & advertising company that believes that creativity lies at the heart of running any business.  The company provides a platform for personal growth & creative self-expression & operates with a mission to diversify the creative class.  The company specializes in multiple areas such as advertising, marketing, product development, research, strategy, production, creative development, brand citizenship, design, communications & social media. 

Founded in the year 2004, the company has offices in Amsterdam, Los Angeles, New York, Sydney & Singapore. The company creates a cultural impact on behalf of brands & has been recognized as one of the most innovative companies in its niche. The company bagged a two-time “Agency of the Year” award & also proved to be a winner for Advertising Age & Adweek. They have prestigious clients including 23andMe, Facebook, Google, General Mills, Halo, Top, LG, Match, NFL, Seventh Generation, Starbucks, Smirnoff, StubHub, Tillamook, truth & Uber. 


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