With the advent of the internet age, the art of generating leads by attracting potential prospects to your business and converting them into buyers has seen a rapid development. People can now expect calls from businesses and organizations they have already opened communication with instead of getting random cold calls.

As the interest shown in your company is that of an organic nature, it becomes easier and more natural for those prospects to want to buy from you in the future. Long-term customer renewal is considered a much more lucrative opportunity by many businesses, but there is also a need to keep the top of their sales funnel full of new sales leads.

The only way you can do both without neglecting either is through outsourcing your lead generation. Your sales team can then focus on renewals and upselling while your outsourced lead generation partner keeps the top of your sales funnel full without wasting your time or budget.

An experienced lead generation company can make the required calls quickly and efficiently as they learn about your unique needs and create the most effective lead generation plan. In contrast, if lead generation is tackled internally, you would need to hire new staff or transfer staff from another department which will create a lag in your business. Outsourcing B2B lead generation ensures that a trained team is ready when you need them.

Apart from finding new prospects for your business, an outsourced lead generating company can also assist you in the following ways:

  • Reaching Out – The outsourced lead generation company can reach out to your leads as well as your existing customers through various channels like email, social media, email and telephone. This is particularly helpful if you need help with dispensing awareness about a new product or service, a sales promotion or even an event.
  • Polishing Up – Lead generation companies can help you polish up your online presence making it easier for your prospects to find your business. Through optimizing your SEO, enhancing your website design, creating content like press releases, newsletters, blogs and white papers, the lead generation company can drive traffic to your website and help establish your company as a thought leader in your industry.
  • Growth Support – By providing a comprehensive sales and marketing support and by identifying, contacting and marketing to your potential customers, the sales lead generation company can support your business growth.

Valasys Business Solutions is one of the top Global business consulting companies and through their lead generation service they were able to help a leading software company close a $250k sale. For this project they were asked by the software company to not only generate leads but even build a sales opportunity pipeline and also increase awareness about their new brand.

Valasys conducted outbound cold calling to generate and qualify leads for both the sales force and even the channel partners, building and managing a Sales Opportunity Pipeline for future revenue. Apart from this they also took on the responsibility of appointment setting, lead distribution and lead tracking. Through the use of lead disposition reporting, Valasys was able to improve scoring and the quality of their leads.

By hiring an experienced lead generation company like Valasys, you can be guaranteed a good ROI. To ensure a steady growth for your company, there is little doubt about whether outsourcing development will benefit you. In case you are interested in learning how beneficial an outsourced lead generation campaign is to you and your business, do contact us. We at Valasys would be happy to discuss this further with you.


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