The B2B industry is extremely competitive now. With every company struggling to get ahead of its worthy competitors, it becomes important to pay attention to every aspect you focus on to get ahead in the B2B game. In short, all the related contents of B2B like content marketing, digital marketing, appointment setting, lead & demand generation etc. demand undue attention from the company to truly make it a success.

Many companies come up with the decision to outsource their B2B appointment setting to ensure better attention towards it and focus on consistent results. Another important reason why it is outsourced is to allow employees to focus better on sales and other objectives of the company. While B2B appointment setting can be an excellent option and something that most businesses support, these simple tips will definitely help you be prepared and take up appointment setting with more confidence.

  • Always, always be prepared: This goes without a say – do your homework. Be it a big company or small, a new client or old, or any other reason, the worst thing you can do is trying to set up an appointment without knowing about the other person or their company. Make notes, Google it/them, talk to your team (if anybody has dealt with them before) and then make the call. It will also make you feel more confident and boost your spirit positively.
  • Check for a suitable time: Once there is a response, confirm whether it is a good time to speak before you begin. A corporate individual may be in meetings, seminars or other important activities, and having a caller, in the midst of it is not always possible. Having a considerate caller however, moves the ball in your court when you call back.
  • Be patient: Honestly, not every caller will turn into an appointment and the sooner you realize this, the better you will get at setting appointments. Work up your list slowly and patiently and strive to make your skills better. With perseverance, it will become easy to set more appointments as you go ahead.
  • You are representing your firm: Your voice is the voice of the company when you speak, keeping this in mind, it is ideal to put forth your best with every call. The reason being the caller may not know you as an individual but the company on whose behalf you’re calling. One wrong or negative aspect of your call can portray a bad reputation for the company in the long run.
  • Tone your script: It is difficult to reach out to the person on the other end if you speak in a monotonous manner. Over time, although your way of introducing yourself, the company and what you wish to discuss maybe same, work on talking about different levels and toning your speech to keep the conversation upbeat. Interesting callers have a better chance of cracking a deal.
  • Assertive, not aggressive: Make sure your conversation remains positive. After a couple of calls, it is easy to get disappointed and frustration can often vent out on your calls. A good tip here is to take a small break between calls, compose yourself and then move forward. Make sure your calls reflect an assertive and relaxed individual.
  • Suggest options and be helpful: At times, during the conversation, you may often realize that the product/service you are suggesting is different than their requirement. In such cases, go forth and suggest what would best suit them. The caller will not only be pleased with your assistance but you will also see you as ‘not just another caller.’
  • Referrals are gold: People get influenced by a recommendation more than anything else. For a good hold in appointment setting, reach out to someone from the target firm who had connected with you or anybody else in your company and make a connection.
  • Make sure you confirm and then end: Once you’re done, reconfirm if there was a ‘yes’ before closing the call. If there was no affirmative response, be kind and gently let away the caller. Phrases like ‘it was a pleasure talking to you’ and ‘thank you for your valuable time’ goes a long way, especially when you want to keep them on your list for future appointments.


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