Exhibitions, seminars, and direct mails are traditional marketing techniques which can be costly and difficult to measure. Since all sorts of people will end up receiving your message even those who might not want the solution you are providing or are not ready to make a purchase, traditional marketing can then be a very hit and miss situation.

Inversely, when implementing inbound marketing, you will be able to use targeted techniques like search marketing, content creation, and social media that help prospects find your business when they are ready to take a step toward making a purchase. This, in turn, results in better and more qualified leads entering your sales funnel.

Although inbound marketing involves a lot of effort, the cost incurred justifies it as it is typically lesser than traditional marketing — with much greater rewards. Below are the STEPS that are involved in creating an effective inbound marketing strategy.


Attract prospects to your business through sensitizing strategies like social media messaging, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click advertising and Banner Ads


Through lead nurturing techniques, transfix the lead by offering them Blog posts, Newsletters, Ebooks, Whitepapers, etc in exchange for their contact information


Once you have grabbed their attention, and converted them to a qualified lead, start sending them information like case studies, testimonials, ROI calculators, etc. that helps them evaluate the solution you are offering them.


Through joint sales and marketing efforts, the lead converts into a customer and makes the purchase of your solution for their product during which they can be sent training videos about your service or product.


Once the purchase has been made, the customers continue to experience post-sales support in the form of FAQs, newsletters, social media messaging in order to show them that you still value them.

Remember that Inbound Marketing is a constant process that requires continuous care and nurturing in order to keep your business growing. When executed effectively, it can create a system that reliably and frequently generates qualified leads for your company!


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