The CRM platform that builds lasting customer relationships, Insightly, announced on 13th February 2019, the launch of a new and updated version of their product. This version features innovations in territory visualization, pricing and quoting, and analytics.

According to the founder and CEO of Insightly, Anthony Smith, “One of Insightly’s core value is that we build product that makes the complex, simple.” They have always taken great care to ensure they deliver a product that is beautifully designed and functionally rich. The product should always be able to address a wide range of use cases across all industries. This new release further extends their core functionality, without compromising on either user experience or the ease of use.

Large volumes of customer data and their emitted signals when making purchases can be captured and stored with much more ease now the only challenge is the ability to derive actionable insight from the data collected and deliver it to the business users in a format that is not only easy to use but is also easily understandable and shareable.

In a Forrester Research report, Kate Leggett, vice president, and principal analyst wrote that CRM will begin to evolve in 2019 so as to include actionable customer intelligence that has been gathered from unstructured interaction data that allows for true one-to-one conversations. This data, which fuels business intelligence, will include buying indicators, wider demographic and firmographic data, conversational styles, social data, influencer relationships, and relationship graphs.

The exact same challenges that larger enterprises face is being faced by midsized businesses as well but they, unfortunately, lack the necessary resources to tackle them. The CRM platform offered by Insightly, offers data visualization and business intelligence that is enterprise-grade, right out of the box and at no extra cost.

This cutting-edge release enable users to gain deeper insights and make better decisions about their business and customers by adding even greater capabilities. Some benefits include:

  • Territory Visualization

Key metrics such as territory coverage, sales pipeline, deals closed and active projects can now be visually represented on more than 30 regional and international maps. This is an offer that no other CRM offers yet and further extends 2018’s highly successful debut of enterprise-grade dashboards, reports, and cards.

  • Calculated Fields

Using source data from within the CRM, you can incorporate calculations into reports, cards and dashboards while performing a broad array of mathematical functions and logic. The resulting analysis can be extracted in multiple formats.

  • Custom Validation

At the point of creation, business rules that govern key transactions can now be raised within the CRM so as to ensure consistency and to avoid slip-ups.

The relative sophistication of CRM implementations increases as the rapid expansion of Insightly continues into the midmarket. So as to support the implementations of these features would require the addition of core functionalities that will address new frequently requested use cases that are out of the box.


With more than 1.5 million users in more than 25,000 companies, Insightly is the number one CRM for G-Suite and Microsoft Office 365. They help businesses in every industry to build lasting customer relationships, grow revenues faster and deliver projects.


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