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Integrate Acquires Akkroo Upgrading B2B Events

Integrate Acquires Akkroo Upgrading B2B Events

On the 4th of April, Integrate announced that they have acquired Akkroo in a $34 million deal.

The purchase allows Integrate to leverage the London-based lead capture company and provides them with an event-based lead generation engine and a London presence. Integrate will be using the London office as their EMEA headquarters.

The acquisition will position Integrate users with the ability to automate the handover process of leads that are captured at events to the sales teams in real-time. This will help in boosting the pipeline through the acceleration of lead follow-up.

This real-time handover to sales will help in the personalization of the lead follow up and will accelerate pipeline-to-revenue from in-person trade shows, events, and conferences. This represents the largest areas for B2B marketing investment.

This would be Integrate’s second purchase in 3 months as they had acquired ListenLoop back in January. This marks Integrate’s aggressive strategy to unify all top-of-funnel marketing channels into one platform.

Integrate customers can now combine demand generation, face-to-face events, social media, and ABM digital advertising into a single platform which helps to solve the inefficiencies that get created due to marketing fragmentation.

Jeremy Bloom, founder, and CEO of Integrate, explained that revenue acceleration occurs when the top-of-funnel gets unified and through this acquisition, they have integrated one of the largest and most-leveraged demand marketing channels that are known for having the least amount of ROI visibility. 

“With Integrate and Akkroo, our customers will understand how in-person events contribute to pipeline and revenue while having access to a best-in-class, global solution for collecting, processing, and managing event leads at scale,” he further added.

Akkroo’s Approach to Event Lead Capture & Processing

Face-to-face events account for 18% of B2B marketing expenditure and have become the number one demand tactic for B2B marketers. In spite of this, B2B marketers incorporate an inefficient and outdated process when collecting leads and sales teams end up receiving those leads days and sometimes even weeks later resulting in missed opportunities.

By using the Akkroo iOS and Android app, Akkroo gives B2B marketers the power by letting them collect leads at any trade show or event. Akkroo has reached an impressive scale by doubling revenue, since its inception in 2013. Through collecting over 9 million leads from over 12,000 events and serving hundreds of global customers, the company has achieved success.

Chris Wickson, co-founder, and CEO of Akkroo, believes that today’s event technology has largely been developed for the organizer’s benefit which leaves out B2B marketers and exhibitors to navigate through incomplete and unstandardized lead data. He further threw light on Akkroo’s technology. He said it has been built for the marketer in order to put them in the driving seat when it comes to owning the lead capture process at in-personal events. This also allows them to take immediate action to nurture leads.

“We are delighted to embark on our next chapter with Jeremy and the Integrate team, who share the same vision and values as Akkroo,” Chris added.

The Global Expansion of Integrate

As mentioned earlier, Akkroo’s London office will become Integrate’s EMEA headquarters. Akkroo’s team of over 50 employees will be joining Integrate which include Chris Wickson as general manager, events and Andy, co-founder and CPO of Akkroo, as vice president, event products.

In concurrence with the acquisition, Integrate also announced an integration with Akkroo to connect its enterprise-grade SaaS platform with Akkroo’s event lead capture solution. Integrate customers will now be able to collect and process qualified leads at events in real-time and perform an automatic validation, standardization and improve upon this data before it gets sent to their marketing automation or CRM systems.

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