The B2B demand orchestration leader, Integrate, announced on February 28th 2019 that it has expanded its capabilities to include a solution for B2B marketers that orchestrate leads from their social demand generation programs.

Following their partnership with LinkedIn, Integrate has now launched a new native connector with Facebook which will allow customers to implicitly increase the efficiency of their lead generation campaigns on Facebook and get a better measurement of their ROI.

Integrate’s ongoing commitment to unify all demand generation channels for B2B marketers and to empower marketing teams to generate clean and intelligent leads from any demand source is represented by their expansion of their social capabilities. Expanding its platform beyond cost-per-lead (CPL) campaigns Integrate has now incorporated social and a full suite of ABM tools. This is following their acquisition of ListenLoop’s B2B ABM platform.

Jeremy Bloom, the CEO and founder of Integrate emphasized that Integrate is driven by a relentless force to help marketers better utilize their demand channels in order to generate revenue that can be attributed for their business. Jeremy further added, “We’ve seen a large spike in spend on social channels from our customers and have been asked to help them amplify their power from this channel. By launching and now expanding our social footprint, we’re making the experience of demand generation on Facebook and LinkedIn more seamless and powerful.”

Using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms or Facebook Lead Ads campaigns, B2B marketers can easily capture lead information from prospects. Lead data is routed through the Integrate platform and then only marketable, complete, valid and globally compliant leads are delivered to marketing automation and CRM systems. This turnkey, automated process provides sales and marketing teams with more high-quality leads by ensuring that non-marketable and duplicate leads never enter a database.

Lead performance and progress within the funnel can be measured by using Integrate’s analytical capabilities. The demand marketing strategy can be optimized by understanding which Facebook and LinkedIn campaigns are most successful and understanding the performance of the social leads in comparison to other demand marketing sources, channels and programs.

Anika Kaulius the director of digital acquisition at Microsoft explained that social is a high-velocity, high-volume demand generation channel for their team and so it is vital for them to have a clear idea of how their marketing efforts will contribute to revenue. She further added, “With Integrate, we have a critical layer of automation and intelligence to make our Facebook and LinkedIn leads more valuable for our sales team and to measure their impact down-funnel.”

To know more about how you can leverage social media to generate leads efficiently.


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