The demand orchestration leader, Integrate, announced on January 16th 2019, that they have acquired ListenLoop, an account-based programmatic advertising platform. Following this announcement, Integrate also unveiled a new Programmatic Account-Based Marketing solution for the B2B marketing community that helps marketers increase revenues for their brands through the targeting of a high number of quality leads.

In order to condense very critical marketing channels to drive brand success, this acquisition made by Integrate validates its long-term ambition of expanding its B2B SaaS inventory. Integrate platform customers will now be able to execute, manage, measure and connect programmatic with demand generation which closes the gap between accounts and contacts.

According to the Founder and CEO of Integrate, Jeremy Bloom, “B2B marketers are frustrated by their inability to prove ROI from their programmatic investments. While impressions and clicks are a cursor for engagement, the real ROI comes from understanding marketing’s contribution to revenue.”

He claims that it became crystal clear that value and insights would be added when programmatic gets connected to the pipeline. This he knows after running an extended private beta with Dell and some of their other large B2B customers that make use of ListenLoop and Integrate.

Marina Lemas, Integrated Demand Marketing at Gigamon, further added that they were looking for a partner to help push their programmatic ABM to the next level while aligning brand awareness with demand generation. “The Integrate platform is unlike any other solution we evaluated, and we couldn’t be more excited to kick things off,” she said.

So as to generate opt-in leads for sales, programmatic advertising becomes a brilliant way to raise awareness in targeted accounts even though it isn’t the go-to method. Integrate will now be able to empower marketers to deploy programmatic abilities across multiple channels so as to generate high-quality opt-in leads.

Key Features

  • Account-Based Targeting

Target-account list data of Integrate customers from ABM, predictive analytics, Marketing Automation, and CRM systems can be centralized within the Integrate platform itself.

  • Data Integrity Services

Before ABM lead data gets fed into the CRM or the Marketing Automation systems, Integrate ensures that it is accurate and complete through their own automation processes.

  • Real-Time ABM measurement

In addition to their demand marketing campaigns, account-based programmatic campaigns can be measured and optimized by Integrate customers.

ListenLoop’s team will be joining Integrate as a part of the acquisition, which includes co-founder and CEO Rodrigo Fuentes as vice president of product, programmatic, and co-founder and CTO Sandeep Arneja as vice president of technology, programmatic.


Founded in 2010, the cloud-based demand orchestration software by Integrate enables marketers to automate top-of-funnel demand marketing so as to scale pipeline and revenue. It is a closed-loop platform that provides tools which include data governance, workflow automation, analytics, and a high-quality media partner marketplace. All this can be accessed from a single, intuitive dashboard.


Founded in 2013, by Rodrigo Fuentes and Sandeep Arneja, ListenLoop makes advertising software that complements your account-based marketing (ABM) strategy which gives you unparalleled power and precision to deliver banner ads to the accounts you desire in just a few steps:

(1) Pick key accounts,

(2) Upload ads, and

(3) Launch your campaign.


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