On February 27th 2019, New York-based B2B purchase intent data provider and account-based marketing platform, Madison Logic, launched Journey Acceleration. This is a new feature that is designed to enable marketers to target, acquire and nurture prospects at the different stages of their buyer journey.

This new solution is positioned to augment Madison Logic’s ActivateABM platform with its new targeting capabilities. The key features of the Journey Acceleration solution include:

  • Dynamic Targeting – Helps users target and segment prospects by gaining a better understanding of who they are and where they are at in their buying journey. This is done through deep integrations with Marketo and Salesforce combined with firmographic and intent data.
  • Messaging – Positions users to achieve better conversion rates by the continuous engagement of target prospects with the aid of dynamic, relevant content and the right messaging strategy throughout the buyer’s journey. Through their integration with Marketo, marketers can leverage the same messaging content that is being used in email and social media nurturing to accounts via ABM Advertising and ABM Content Syndication.
  • Acceleration – Automatically moves prospects into the appropriate media and content program. Data gets sent back into marketing automation platforms which allow marketers to target existing opportunities. This gets done by looking at intent data and providing them relevant content so as to keep them moving through their buying journey.

In a statement released by Tom O’Regan, the Madison Logic CEO, “Unlike traditional ABM platforms that have limited targeting criteria, Journey Acceleration ensures you achieve better conversion by continuously engaging your target prospect with relevant content and the right messaging strategy throughout the entire buyer’s journey.”

About Madison Logic

Founded in 2004, Madison Logic is the global leader in Account Based Marketing. Their B2B marketing technology platform, Activate ABM™, combines display advertising and lead generation with all-inclusive attribution metrics so as to show real ROI.


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