As more and more businesses move online to ensure they get customers during the new normal, competition is getting hotter and fiercer by the day. In such a situation, it’s almost impossible to remain in competition unless you have a killer marketing strategy. Moreover, if you have got a brick-and-mortar business, you’ll be facing fierce competition from offline, as well as, online businesses.

Therefore, I will be discussing some such killer marketing tips that can help grow your business. As a matter of fact, all these killer marketing tips are simple and easy to follow. You could adapt them to meet your specific needs.

Killer Marketing Tips to Propel Your Business

Regardless of whether your business is online or is offline, there’re superb ways to make it grow. This depends on the efforts you’ll exert and of course, the adoption of some new technologies that could help your business.

If this sounds good enough, continue reading.

Start a Business Blog

A superb blog is one of the surest ways to make your business grow, irrespective of the fact that it’s online or offline. Content marketers claim that some 90 percent of all buyers read blogs and reviews of products and services before placing an order. That’s because they trust blogs more than conventional ads and company websites.

Consumers expect blogs to be more honest and precise about what they write. Therefore, starting a blog is the first tip that I provide to anyone serious about growing their business.

However, starting a superb business blog isn’t the only thing you’ll have to do. It also involves posting content frequently. After all, content is the undisputed king of every blog. If you upload content that’s interesting, engaging, and at the same time, relevant to your target audience, you stand superb chances of getting a higher number of leads.

As a matter of fact, content marketers also aver that posting five to six new articles on a business blog causes an increase of about 120 percent in the number of new leads. And these are figures that every business should take seriously because generating over 100 percent higher leads is something you simply can’t afford to miss or overlook.

Excellent Digital Marketing

Having a blog is one thing and digital marketing is another. To make sure that your business blog and website attract the attention of your target clientele, it’s extremely important to implement excellent digital marketing processes.

Basically, doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your business website- if you have one, and the business blog, would pay rich dividends. Actually, SEO isn’t really everyone’s cup of tea or coffee if you like. Therefore, the best way to go about SEO is by hiring freelancers for this purpose.

You can find qualified and experienced SEOs on freelancing platforms such as,,, and among others. You can provide them long-term assignments to do Search Engine Optimization for your business blog and business website. That would help you to stay a step ahead of the competition or at least, on a level with top rivals in the same business.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is also a part of digital marketing. With over 2.85 billion active users worldwide, Facebook is something every business should leverage to grow. Then we have Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. These are vital resources that no business should take lightly. In fact, you’ll see almost every large corporation uses all these social media and networking platforms for customer outreach.

Most major corporations leverage all social media platforms to their benefit. That’s because of demographics. Meaning, people of certain age and gender prefer Facebook while others prefer Instagram or for that matter, Tik Tok. Therefore, creating a Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn account to promote your business is something you should consider seriously.

Again, content is the king here too. People will come to your business only if your Facebook content or ads contain something that’s relevant and timely. Social media is known to drive customers to a business, both online and offline ones. You can read about the various demographics of each social media platform and create content to cater to each age group and gender accordingly.

Email Marketing

Unfortunately, a lot of business owners believe that email marketing is now redundant or outdated. That’s a myth. As a matter of fact, email marketing is as significant today as it was nearly a decade ago. Therefore, do some aggressive email marketing to grow your business. You can make a superb email marketing list from the followers of your business blog.

You might wonder, why would anyone leave their email IDs on your business blog? They’ll leave it only when you’re offering the reader something of their interest. People do like to stay connected when a business is offering something that matters. Hence, if your content is superb, they’ll subscribe for updates and give their email IDs.

These email IDs can be effectively used for email marketing. For example, you can make special offers to first-time buyers to tilt the favor in your balance. Or provide discounts to loyal customers without everyone else knowing about it, through email marketing.

Email marketing is also an excellent resource for customer service. Have you ever noticed the way Amazon sends an email after every successful delivery? That’s because they wish to stay in touch with their customer. And such emails generate goodwill among consumers too.

Provide Coupons and Discount Codes

Nothing works better to grow a business than offering discount coupons and discount codes. The opportunity to slice off a few Dollars off the bill is a great temptation to every buyer. Therefore, offer coupons and discount codes regularly to attract new customers while retaining existing ones.

Actually, offering coupons and discount codes is a rather simple process. There’re several couponing websites such as Groupon. You can approach any of these and show your interest in offering discount coupons and codes. They will assist you with the processes.

Also, announce on your business website or blog that coupons and codes are available for shoppers to get rebates. In most cases, new and returning customers will gladly use them. Couponing software is simple and easy to use.

Affiliate Marketing

About 42 percent of all sales of Amazon come from its affiliate marketers. This clearly shows that even the single largest online retailer in the world depends on affiliates for sales. As a business owner, you too can provide affiliate programs and grow your business.

Affiliate marketing is somewhat like a buy-now-pay-later plan. When you offer affiliate marketing, bloggers, website owners and influencers will upload links to your products if you have an online store. This means you get publicity from multiple channels, free of cost. You have to pay some commission to an affiliate marketer only when there’s a confirmed sale from their affiliate link to your product.

Generally, affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates offer two percent to 18 percent commissions on the actual cost price of the product, minus taxes, shipping, and other charges. This is a fantastic way to get free publicity from several channels while paying only for confirmed sales.

Voice SEO

I’ve spoken about SEO earlier in this article. Now I will discuss Voice SEO. In fact, voice SEO is a trend that’s catching up rapidly with online sellers. That’s because most people use their mobile devices for online buying. This figure is said to be somewhere between 79 percent and 83 percent of all online shoppers.

Voice SEO enables a prospective customer to simply search for some product using their voice on a smartphone, computer, or other mobile device connected to the Internet. It saves them the hassles of typing out specific keywords to browse for something. Voice SEO is also now a preferred way to browsing for items to buy and the trend isn’t expected to ebb anytime soon in the near future. Instead, it’s expected to boom.

Deploy the Power of Google

Google, as the largest search engine in the world, accounts for nearly four billion searches every day. Obviously, not all of them are for buying something. However, you can deploy the power of Google by using Google shopping campaigns. Some business owners might already be using this technique. But if you’re not, it’s high time to do so.

In simple words, Google shopping campaigns are nothing but paying Google some money to get your business website on top of the Search Engine Results Page. Usually, a consumer goes through only the top three or five results that Google will display in response to a query.

By using Google Ads, you’ll have your website somewhere around the top of the SERPs. And this can drive leads and customers to your business.

In Conclusion

These eight killer marketing tips could help grow your business if you use them properly. They can help offline businesses too, provided they have a superb blog and are willing to take that extra effort of launching a business website or tie-up with a couponing company. As the competition grows fiercer, these killer marketing tips might prove handy in giving your business a head start.


  1. As per my personal experience, I recommend to all that follow these tips. Especially Social media marketing and email marketing are the best technique in Digital marketing for growing your business. It’s very nice ideas to write an article on this topic. Keep sharing your knowledge!


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