Lead Nurturing Services


Through the rigorous process of lead qualification, you finally get a great list of leads.

Now what?

You need to make the decision of whether you want a customer that was coerced into buying from you – or do you want a loyal customer who also works as a walking testimonial for your business.

This is where the Lead Nurturing Services by Valasys Business Solutions come into play. After completion of the Lead Qualification process, our Lead Nurturing Services focuses your marketing and communication efforts on listening to the needs of potential customers, and providing the information and answers they need while keeping in mind your sales cycle.

Lead Nurturing Services
  • First stage: The Window Shopper

The customer is still in a research phase and has no loyalties. They are still ‘looking around’.

  • Mid-stage: The Skeptic

The customer has some interest in your company but still requires convincing.

  • Late stage: The Eager Buyer

The customer has decided in your favor and is looking to make his purchase.

Valasys ensures that you lose no opportunities and guides your qualified but non-sales-ready leads down the sales cycle. We take care of the whole spectrum of lead nurturing, from marketing automation to lead qualification. With the help of our Lead Nurturing best practices, we can help convert the Window Shopper to an Eager Buyer.

– Segmenting your audience

Your campaign cannot nurture everyone because you are not going to help anyone then. A targeted audience results in a more relevant, personal and successful outcome.

– Providing Relevant Content

Giving your targeted audience, content that relates to their buyer persona. Your content will guide the potential customer to taking the appropriate action expected of them.

– Keeping in touch

The frequency with which you reach out to your potential buyer is based on how much interest your buyer has shown. Aggressive approaches like frequent emailing would turn your audience off your company. Customizing your approach according to buyer behavior will help in better lead nurturing.

– Know your results

To ensure positive results, adjust your lead nurturing strategy to know what’s working and what’s not. For better communication between the firm and the customer a flexible lead nurturing strategy is required.

Using the Sales Funnel Nurturing approach we give the best results to your campaign.

Funnel Top:

Ensure an email is received by your target buyer within 24 hours of them downloading your content.

Funnel Second Level:

Provide your target buyers with more educational content which will help them in making their final decision.

Funnel Third Level:

Open a line of communication between you and your lead through the use of sales calls which will help in determining their continued interest in your company.

Funnel Fourth Level:

Keep the lines of communication open by keeping in touch with your leads. You can do this by implementing both marketing emails and sales calls.

Funnel Final Level:

Continue engaging your customers with various product offerings and newsletters. Lead nurturing doesn’t stop after a lead becomes a customer. A happy customer is the best marketing tool.

By identifying your business’ unique lead sales funnel developments and establishing the strategic constraints for your lead nurturing program, we at Valasys Business Solutions can help you design and execute your campaigns. Through effective lead nurturing techniques, we can uncover new opportunities in your sales database. We are able to close more deals through our pipeline management.

Focusing on lead generation is good, but if you don’t nurture those leads once they’re in your sales funnel you will lose out. Using Valasys’ B2B Lead nurturing techniques, we can help secure your clients’ attention. We work in a manner that generates more leads over a period of time.