ProKarma’s strategy and design division, Lenati, was recently named the top B2B marketing agency by the B2B Marketing Agencies, North America, Q1 2019 report conducted by Forrester Research Inc.

The report profiled Lenati as a large, established player and provided an overview of leading North American service providers that serve B2B marketers. This report was compiled with the intention of helping CMOs get a better understanding of the need to prioritize those B2B marketing agency partners that expand marketing proficiency and capacity, shape strategy and consistently elevate content.

Forrester recommends leveraging agencies that enable obsession of the customer through the incorporation of data and analytics along with martech operations into their strategy. Lenati has been recognized as “advanced” in the data management maturity category as they have deep expertise in customer experience design, insights and analytics along with account-based marketing.

Kris Klein the managing partner of Lenati proudly states that they feel a lot of pride in being recognized by Forrester for their expertise as a top data-driven B2B marketer. “Lenati is well-known for its human-centered design and analytical rigor, but its energy and passion that most distinguishes our firm,” he added.

With the help of proprietary methods and tools, Lenati develops customer insights that provide information about the end-to-end customer experience, increases customer retention and amplifies customer acquisition. All of this is tied directly to business profitability and performance.

According to Lenati managing partner, Jen Winter, they approach business problems with a deep focus in customer insights and empathy. She further added, “Together with ProKarma, we solve some of the world’s most complex business problems and deliver results by transforming experiences to build demand, drive engagement and foster loyalty.”

About Lenati

Founded in 2005, Lenati serves as a valued advisor and collaborator to companies that are looking for solutions that are customer-focused and are the best practices in marketing, sales and customer experience. 

About ProKarma

Founded in 2004, ProKarma is a global IT solutions company that helps organizations build the vision and the tools that are needed to run the future. They are a leading provider of enterprise applications, IT services and business consulting. 


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