Unveiling Our Branding Bequest

Valasys Media operates with the vision – Empowering Marketers with Powerful Insights. As a marketing services agency, we started with a noble idea to help business fraternity and solopreneurs untangle the confusing web of the online advertising world to optimize their branding endeavors. We help businesses bring a steady flow of revenue with efficient sales pipeline management.

As a highly cherished marketing services agency, over the years, we have developed our credibility, expertise, and metier in various dimensions of B2B problem-solving. Our scientific, synchronized, and specialized ways of problem-solving are evident from the satisfaction level of our clients. The list of our most prestigious clients includes some Fortune 500 companies. IBM, Oracle, Oracle, Lithium, Bronto, LeanData, Adobe, and Pluralsight, these are just the names of some of our prestigious clients to begin with.

Our annual revenue for the year 2019-20 was $22 million, at an impressive compound annual growth rate (CAGR), as we continued to make our customers feel seen, heard, understood & empowered.

Why We are the Ultimate Marketing Services Agency?

We take pride in showcasing an enriched database pool of 42.6 million contacts, from across the globe including the U.S.A (65%), Europe (15%), Asia Pacific (10%), and Australia and New Zealand (10%).

Being a pioneer amongst the marketing services agency our B2B services are benefitting a wide array of businesses, as is evident from the industry-wise bifurcation of our database pool:

  1. Information Technology – 35%
  2. Business Management – 23%
  3. Healthcare and Insurance – 18%
  4. Education – 14%
  5. Governmental Sector – 10%

We help you with prospecting, acquiring and converting your prospects to paying customers and with the optimization of your online and offline marketing and advertising endeavors.

Beyond the optimization of single campaigns, we also help you with the optimization of the entire Customer Lifetime Value (CLV):

  1. We help you generate high-quality leads at a cost-effective rate
  2. We are data-driven and maintain an intrinsic database
  3. You are assured of having a team of experts who have proven their sheer competence by serving clients all across the globe
  4. We have a customer success team and our thought leadership operates from the mindset of delivering only the best to our customers
  5. All our services are GDPR and CCPA complaint
  6. We stick to a highly competitive and transparent pricing policy
  7. We have expertise in running omnichannel marketing and retargeting campaigns at the most affordable rates to provide your customers with seamless experiences

The list of our data-driven services includes lead generation, account-based marketing, appointment setting, content syndication, demand generation services, event promotion, content discovery, CRM services, database validation, list building and market research.

What makes us a unique market research agency is our dynamic cultural continuum and how we use social media platforms to empathetically communicate with our customers.

Download the document to learn more about why we do what we do and how we do it.


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