A strategic AI-driven partnership between Reactful and 6sense combines intelligent AI-driven web personalization with Account Based Orchestration. This marketing solution partnership will allow for real-time improvement on digital marketer interaction and communication with targeted website visitors.

Reactful’s President and CEO, Leifur Thordarson, acknowledged that with 6sense’s powerful data Reactful’s AI will be able to supercharge website personalization in order to drive overall engagement and conversion.

With Reactful, website visitors are provided an immersive end-to-end experience which intelligently improves engagement according to when and where customers want through the use of real-time communication via reactions, notifications and personalized messaging. Eventually, this increases conversion rates.

6sense ensures marketers that their website adapts to the exhibited intent of each visitor while simultaneously delivering a personalized caretaker web experience based on account knowledge.

Leifur Thordarson further added, “Through this partnership, organizations can truly engage their customers and achieve the results they desire – without additional development or resources required.”

A large number of mutual customers have been benefited by this powerful integration between both the companies. This joint marketing solution enables Sage, a leading financial management software company to generate a new level of content targeting for its Sage Intacct solution. This has resulted in 43% increase in visitor engagement on their website.

Nick Ezzo the VP Marketing of Sage Intacct had this to say, “These two technologies combined have delivered substantial uplift in our one-to-one marketing results.”

The VP of Product at 6sense, Amar Doshi, emphasized that this integration between Reactful’s AI personalization and 6sense’s Account Based Orchestration creates the the ultimate personalized ABM solution across the entire funnel. He maintains that together they are offering a revolutionary end-to-end approach to AI-driven marketing which allows users to deliver a personalized experience that is focused on the entire buying committee’s intent before a prospect from the account even has the opportunity of getting on to your website.

About Reactful

Founded in 2013, Reactful’s AI and machine learning personalizes each visitor’s website experience in order to best engage and convert visitors while you hold their attention. They have powerfully simple technology and expert knowledge which can be programmed into your digital fronts so as to sense visitor intent and react in real-time.

About 6sense

Founded in 2013, 6sense is a B2B predictive intelligence engine that has an Account Based Orchestration Platform which helps revenue teams compete and win in this age of Account Based Buying.


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