The Definitive Guide to Account-Based Marketing


In response, organizations are implementing an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy. Account-based marketing offers organizations a significant return on investment (ROI) as they are faced with the need to acquire, retain, and grow high-value accounts. This comprehensive, 100+ page guide includes checklists, worksheets, examples, and advice from over 12 industry thought leaders to help marketers at any level, from beginners to experts, create and implement an effective account-based marketing strategy.

Download The Definitive Guide to Account-Based Marketing to learn:

  • How to create a solid ABM strategy to meet your goals
  • What stakeholders to involve across the organization
  • How to identify, prioritize, and profile the right accounts
  • What content you need to support an ABM strategy
  • Which channels to leverage and how to coordinate them
  • How to measure the effectiveness of your ABM strategy
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