Have you ever thought it possible to eliminate investment in data centers but still experience faster timelines for implementation?

Well, it is now a reality with the launch of Oracle Retail’s Xstore Office Cloud Service.

With this new service, retailers will be able to create responsive business models that are accustomed to shifts in consumer preferences and even centralize all back-office elements for the purpose of store operations.

According to Jeff Warren, the Vice President of Oracle Retail, retailers have always been known to be slow when it comes to POS solution upgrades. They wait 5-7 years prior to considering an upgrade. This has badly affected their ability to keep pace and provide an experience that is dynamic and engaging to their customers.

“By moving Xstore back office to the cloud, customers can benefit from a continuous cadence of innovation that enables lower their total cost of ownership through centralized services and store operations,” Jeff Warren added.

Operating in more than 83 countries, Xstore Point-of-Service has become the cornerstone of the Oracle Retail Omnichannel Suite. Through the delivery of a comprehensive set of customer and associate experiences, this solution is able to meet the expectations of today’s modern retailers.

Chris Sarne, the Senior Director of omnichannel strategy, Oracle Retail, believes that successful retailers relied on accurate inventory during the holiday season in 2018 so as to fulfill omnichannel journeys and meet customer demand. “This new generation of cloud services provides a real-time view into critical enterprise data that is the foundation for great brand experiences for consumers,” he added.


Enabling 64 different shopper journey combinations, the Oracle Retail Xstore Point of Service, is pre-integrated with several cloud services in the Oracle Retail Omnichannel Suite of solutions which include Oracle Retail Customer Engagement, Oracle Retail Order Management, Oracle Retail XBRi Loss Prevention and Oracle Commerce Cloud offerings.

  • Enhancing Mobility: 

Oracle Retail Xstore Point-of-Service allows an associate to capture a sale at the point of intent be getting deployed on thin client and mobile offerings. Associates will then be qualified to engage with consumers sooner, drive brand interactions and deliver a high service level. Adding to this, store associates and managers will become faster and more efficient at decision making.

  • Integrating With RFID: 

Oracle Retail Xstore Point-of-Service enables the maintenance of stock position accuracy in the store and can extend the sales and returns processes to include RFID data. This data can then be passed upstream through services so as to support RFID enabled inventory systems.

  • Customer Experience Support: 

Destination-based activities like in-store coffee shops, candy and wine bars are witnessing an increase in investment and the POS should be able to address these additional services without using any alternate software. Through extended functionality, Oracle Retail Xstore is able to address evolving experiences while within the same Xstore Point-of-Service code base.

  • Workflow Ease: 

In order to fulfill consumer demand and provide a more intuitive interface for customer service along with coordinated and transparent outcomes, Oracle enhanced the workflow of Oracle Retail Order Management Cloud Service.

  • Customer Context: 

In order to support marketing operations and execution and for better usability, Oracle Retail Customer Engagement Cloud Service has adopted a role-based, modern user experience. Through integration with Oracle Retail Offer Optimization, this cloud service taps into the productivity of artificial intelligence in conjunction with digital assistant integrations.

  • Exploiting Science for Speed and Scale: 

Loss prevention officers no longer need to chase down data behind risk reports in order to determine who or what to investigate as Oracle Retail XBRi Loss Prevention goes directly from identifying exceptions to identifying either the account or the cashiers that are at risk. Their ability to deliver best-in-class functionality can occur in a split second which is required for an enterprise, on-premises solution.

  • Hardware Innovations: 

At NRF 2019, the Oracle Retail Xstore Suite is pleased to unveil a new self-service experience on an Oracle point-of-sale kiosk. They have always offered a highly flexible deployment model which includes thick, thin, tablet, handheld options at the store.

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