Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa (PMMAF) continues to insist on a customer-centric philosophy. On the eve of the 10th Regional Technical Olympics, held in Dubai, on 12th May 2019, a repair skills competition was organized to improve the proficiencies of service technicians representing Panasonics Middle East Partner Companies.

Panasonic Marketing Middle East FZE operates as a subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation & alongside the skill building initiative that is also held as part of the Customer Service strategy (CSS) conference, 2019, further emphasizing on the company’s strong obligation towards a “customer-first” approach.

The 10th Regional Technical Olympics, held in Dubai, stated that Panasonic works rigorously to identify & realize their customers’ needs & ensures that their customers not only get high-quality products but also phenomenal customer experience which also encompasses excellent after-sales services.  

Ryuji Nakatani, Director – Customer Service, PMMAF, further added that Panasonic would continue to invest in capacity building for employees & partner engineers so as to guarantee a greater value for its customers by keeping up with the latest innovations.

The Technical Olympics involves four product groupings viz. air conditioners, LED television, microwave ovens and door phones which witnessed the participation of repair-technical engineers across the region in order to evaluate the damage & repair the products at their optimum operating levels.

Besides, the participants also underwent ‘Customer Care Manners During Home Service’ to judge their customer care skills.

A panel of judges, comprising four senior members from Panasonic’s customer care department, awarded the participants who demonstrated the highest level of repair skills & customer-care competencies.

The conference had participants from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Iraq, Pakistan, and Nigeria discussing a customer service target and action plan for the year 2019. Representatives from the Japan head office, as well as representatives from the CS Planning Office, Quality Environment Headquarters, Appliances Company, and Life Solutions Company, were on hand to provide support to the event.

The Conference came to a close after categorizing ‘Enhancing CS Excellence’, ‘Action for Customer Wants’ and ‘APP for Premium Service’ as the key approaches towards customer service for the year 2019.

About Panasonic

Panasonic Corporation is a global leader in developing an array of electronic machinery and devising resolutions for customers in the field of consumer electronics, housing, automotive, and B2B businesses.  The company completed 100 years in 2018 & has progressed extraordinarily, now possessing 591 subsidiaries and 88 associated companies worldwide, with combined net sales of 7.982 trillion yen for the financial year concluded on March 31, 2018. Panasonic focuses on delivering prodigious customer experience to & on making the life of its customers better.  

About Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa FZE (PMMAF)Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa FZE (PMMAF), a subordinate of Japan-based Panasonic Corporation, with regional in the Middle East and Africa (MEA). Based in Dubai it handles all functions linked with Sales and Marketing, Supply chain and Customer service solutions, and Advertising functions under the brand name Panasonic. The visionaries at PMMAF aim to establish it as customers’ favorite brand in the Middle East and Africa region by delivering phenomenal customer experience.


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