On the 8th of October 2019, Petra Industries a customer technology distributor launched an innovative & all new B2B eCommerce platform. The announcement is part of the largest website renovation in the 34-year history of the company. The new Petra.com is an advanced B2B eCommerce platform (evolved from the contemporary B2B purchasing platform called PetraCentral), powered by OroCommerce which is an eCommerce platform form Oro Inc.

An era of renewed Digital Presence for Petra

The new digital presence by Petra is a result of decades of innovation & experience in distribution & eCommerce.

According to Josh Williams who is Petra’s director of Marketing the new Petra.com is all about creating an online foundation to allow businesses to deliver a world-class digital experience to the customers as well as the vendor partners.

Petra is the customer technology authority for the industry. It pronounces products for more than 800 brands & brings tens of thousands of top brand products to retailers. Founded in the year 1985 with a focus on a passion for accessories, Petra is now active in diverse spaces including smart home technology, gaming, outdoor tech, and more.

As a Pioneer B2B eCommerce Platform

OroCommerce has been purpose-built with B2B digital commerce use cases in mind & is the number 1 B2B eCommerce platform. The platform provides a comprehensive set of out-of-box features. Thus, the total cost of ownership & the product deployment time is considerably reduced. 

Williams stated that the team works closely with Oro to develop a platform that equips customers with a fresh & efficient purchasing experience. He also added that PetraCentral is amongst the foremost customer eCommerce sites & has been specifically designed to suit the needs of the customers’ businesses.

The solution entails new user-management options to give the customers more control over how the organizations make purchases.  This includes the ones who can place orders & the list of items that they can buy.

The customers can also visualize the product variants & can benefit from matrix ordering which allows multiple product variants to be purchased using a solitary screen. PetraCentral also features in-depth product sorting, enhanced autocomplete search suggestions & multiple shopping lists to streamline the purchasing experience.

Williams also stated that the new shopping list feature is amongst the most advantageous tools for the customers & allows them to create & work on multiple shopping lists at the same time. He explained that the platform allows saving shopping lists for later & quickly purchasing from the saved lists.

The new Patra.com also aims to educate vendor partners & customers on resources & services available. The president of Petra industries states that the platform will pave the way for Patra’s future growth.

According to the co-founder & president of Oro Yoav Kutner, Petra has set a new industry standard for how B2B distributors can modernize their eCommerce operations.  He expressed his glee over building an integrated user-friendly B2B eCommerce platform tailored according to the needs of the marketers. 

Petra emerged as a simple operation conducting business out of a garage. With the evolution of the customer technology & retail industry Petra evolved. In the year 2015, Petra almost doubled its capacity for pick & pack operations. Now, the Petra industry is involved in supply chain management & product curation.  Thus, the vendor partners & customers have the tools needed to connect & grow in a rapidly changing industry. Moving into the eCommerce industry seems to be a sensible move by the company which surely possesses the potential to emerge as a prominent B2B eCommerce platform.

About Petra Industries

Petra is the industry’s customer technology authority & represents over 500 leading brands, 16,000 products & 10 categories of merchandise. The company connects the top-ranked brand products with tens of thousands of retail & eCommerce partners.

The company understands that retailers rely on accessories to increase margin & leverages its massive distribution center having accessories for mobile devices, connected home appliances, automotive accessories, audio/video accessories, and appliance connection accessories. Petra is an award-winning distributor & in the year 2017 received the esteemed E-Commerce Supplier of the year award. The company was founded in the year 1985 with a focus on accessories & today serves every segment of retail with its exclusive products. Petra primarily represents the Wholesale industry is a long-time member of CTA, CEDIA & CTIA & has its headquarters at Edmond, OK.

Founded in the year 1985, the company specializes in wholesale distribution, customer electronics, electronics accessories, wholesale electronics, dropshipping, IoT, Supply-Chain Services, eCommerce, Distribution & 3PL.  


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