PureB2B, which is a well-known company for providing lead generation services, launched a new content tool on the 20th of August 2019, which will be enriched with comprehensive functionalities for intent-data layering. 

The new addition in the armory for lead generation by PureB2B has substantiated their place as innovators in the realm of lead generation. 

The new content platform devised is called PureContent which serves as a one-stop solution for figuring out the relevant pieces of content, resonating with the areas of interests of the prospects. Thereafter, the platform can create impactful & high-performing pieces of content in a wide array of formats to optimize the lead generation process for its clients.  

The research teams at PureB2B utilize customer surveys to delve deeper into the challenges being faced by their prospective customers & decision-makers belonging to their critical account-holders. The company boasts to provide its services to a global network of more than 62 million technology buyers.

The team of content strategists at PureB2B is led by Denise Dubie, who is the Director of Content. Hailing from a background of journalism & well-known as a content strategist & storyteller in the IT industry, Denise believes in tapping industry-specific knowledge & using an interrogative approach to content ideation & creation.

The engaging & enticing pieces of content based on the intent-data of the prospects & the customers allow marketers to attract, engage, convert & retain the customers better. 

Chris Rack, the Conversion Rate Optimization officer at PureB2B, stated that while working with numerous B2B technology marketing departments they realized that crafting pieces of highly-specific content lies at the bottom-line of quality lead generation endeavors is a priority for most of the B2B companies. He also exclaimed his joy having developed a comprehensive content launching platform for creating the pieces of content that convert.

PureB2B has also launched a PureContent Sponsorship Library which is a repository of content topics relevant to the B2b technology industry. This collection of content is merged with research findings (other relevant factors about B2B tech buyers) from the exclusive research survey engines of PureB2B. 

About PureB2B:

Founded in the year 2009, PureB2B helps marketers match pace with ever-changing demands of B2B sales. The company uses a data-driven marketing platform & leverages the intent among technology buyers to help them accelerate their sales processes. The company has an audience-base of more than 30 million Small & Mid-Sized businesses. The company is headquartered in Topsfield, Massachusetts. Their popular marketing solutions include Data-driven Intent Marketing Network, Data Solutions & Content Syndication.


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