TrackMaven and Skyword have merged to form the numero uno content marketing platform. This merger combines excellent analytics with a top-notch content marketing platform in order to power unparalleled content experiences for customers.

Before Merger: Skyword

As a SaaS-based enterprise-level content marketing platform Skyword offers industry-leading services and a global community of storytellers. Tom Gerace, the founder, and CEO of Skyword announced on June 2017 the next generation content marketing platform called ‘Skyword360’ which was designed with the understanding that content marketing should sit at the center of all marketing.

With this new platform, they could help marketers measure the performance of their content on their own properties, but weren’t able to easily see how it stacked up against their competitors.

Before Merger: TrackMaven

In 2012, TrackMaven was founded from the need to measure marketing performance across all channels and to help in benchmarking it against their competitors. Their marketing analytics capabilities made it easy for marketers to make market needs and competitive landscape assessments, demonstrate ROI for all of their digital marketing investments and provide unmatched insight into the performance of their content and the relative success of their competition across 19 digital channels.

But the customers had to turn to other sources in order to execute the strategies they created on the TrackMaven platform.

Both companies realized that the only way to make marketers more effective is by combining marketing analysis, content creation and activation workflows. This merger offers marketers the chance to use fewer tools and more solutions. They will get access to comprehensive solutions that currently do not exist in the marketplace enabling marketers to analyze, plan, create, publish, and personalize their content in one place.

Powerful together

Allen Gannet and the TrackMaven team are extremely thrilled to join with the Skyword team and to continue serving their clients in an even more powerful capacity. He added, “TrackMaven has always been able to show a CMO where he or she is leading the competition or losing ground. Now with Skyword, we can incorporate those insights into the actual content creation workflows, giving marketers the power to create content strategies that win.”

“We’re incredibly excited to join forces with the TrackMaven team,” said Tom Gerace, “In January of this year, Skyword raised $30 million to execute on our growth strategy and product vision. In June, we announced the next generation of our content marketing platform—Skyword360, which powers a unified model for creating extraordinary content experiences. TrackMaven shares this vision. Combining our organizations accelerates our growth and product strategies and gives customers a solution that no other company can match.”

With the companies together, customers can experience;

  • One cohesive workflow: Customers can deliver effective content to mass audiences with the help of data-driven analysis at every step in the content delivery process.
  • Exclusive SaaS+ approach: Along with the software platform that the combined company will offer, service and expertise will be provided as well that will aid in beating the competition.
  • Comprehensive, connected content: Skyword is the sole company that offers a content strategy management platform at scale alongside a global community of thousands of successfully assessed storytellers and industry-leading services.

Corporate Structure

Both the platforms will begin integration on an immediate basis and until that reaches completion; both the platforms will be supported and operated separately.

The merged company has a customer list that includes more than 400 leading B2B and B2C customers that include Abbott Laboratories, HortonWorks, HP, IBM, Iron Mountain, MasterCard, Microsoft, and National Wildlife Foundation.

Tom Gerace will lead the merged company as CEO while Allen Gannett will serve as Chief Strategy Officer and EVP Corporate Development, leading the corporate strategy with a continued M&A focus. The company’s headquarters will be based in Boston, MA, with offices in Pittsburgh, PA, and Washington, DC.

About TrackMaven

Founded in 2012, and headquartered in Washington, D.C., TrackMaven is the only marketing analytics platform that gives marketers the ability to prove marketing value and even improve results across all of their digital channels. Their marketing analytics platform integrates with all the tools marketers usually use to measure performance which includes social networks, web analytics providers, and all major advertising, marketing automation, and CRM platforms.

About Skyword

Located in Pittsburgh and founded in 2010, Skyword helps move marketing leaders and content creators forward through a sustainable, scalable approach to original storytelling. They liberate brands from ineffective marketing practices and inspire them to create deeper connections with their audiences.


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