Have you ever bookmarked a website in your web browser? Have you ever saved, tagged or shared something on a social site? Well, you have then been using social bookmarking.

Websites that are for the sole purpose of connecting with people who have similar interest based on the articles you share and find are called social bookmarking websites. As a comparatively new method of website advertising, social bookmarking has become an innovative approach for marketers and is probably the most popular and optimized method.

The reason for the popularity of social bookmarking sites is due to the fact that users get to be a part of the content creation process along with lending a hand in its popularization across the internet.


First thought of in April of 1996, social bookmarking site, itList.com was the very first one that was launched. After that, businesses began to grow and marketers started taking advantage of these sites as a means to build relevant links and to bring in traffic and new customers.

Behind The Curtain

In order to properly understand social bookmarking, it is important to examine how they work. Essentially, a particular network has a list of links that anyone who has access to that network can search for as long as it pertains to the keywords that are used by that person.

There are 3 keywords that are associated with each link and usually, these keywords are optimized on their web pages. So when those keywords are searched for, it will bring up that subsequently connected link.

A social bookmarking site allows people to add links they like and not just their own links and is used generally for collecting B2B information. Only after a link is properly tagged is it ready to be put into a social bookmarking network.


As mentioned before, there are some excellent marketing qualities that come with social bookmarking hence its popularity.

  • Popularize your website – Social bookmarking websites are used by real people and so they help in bringing more traffic to your website or blog. These people rank your content and links and even share it across their own blogs and social media platforms.
  • Attract the right targeted audience – For no cost at all, social bookmarking sites enable you to sell your products and services to people who have a need for it.
  • Boost page rank – There is huge value and importance in a social bookmarking site for all major internet search engines.

Best Practices

1.Write worthy content

  • Headline – As the first thing a user sees, ensure that your headline is catchy and grabs their attention.
  • Description – Once a user’s attention is grabbed, a good description sustains it.
  • Content – Ensure that users don’t regret clicking through to your article by providing them with poorly written content.

2. Bookmarking easily

Make it easy for other people to bookmark your site by putting a button for that purpose at the top or bottom of your article.

3. Right time submission

Post your content at the time when your audience is also online as most social bookmarking sites give you 24 hours to get to the front page and stay there.

4. Right category

A social bookmarking site needs to have a category that is especially for you or it isn’t the best fit and your content could get lost. 

5. Back up your content

Stories that reach the front page of social bookmarking sites are backed by a network of friends and so your content needs to have supporters that help you along. 

6. Check facts

If your content has the wrong fact then it can be downvoted and will be detrimental to the reputation of your company.

7. Check spellings

Check spelling, grammar, and punctuation before posting as not every social bookmarking site allows you to edit your post once shared.

8. Offer linked articles

Once users come to your website and go through your content make sure they stay by offering links to related content that they might find useful. 

9. Don’t automate

You could lose credibility if you post using automation as it takes time to build a good social bookmarking reputation.

10. Interaction

Discussions are triggered when there is good content and as a result, it is imperative that you respond to comments made by people.

Popular Sites

The social bookmarking sites are strictly meant for the purpose of listing links and making them searchable. Some of these sites are:

  • Pinterest
  • scoop.it
  • Del.icio.us
  • Dribble
  • Pocket
  • Digg
  • Reddit
  • Slashdot
  • We Heart It
  • Paper.li
  • Flipboard


It will take a while before you fully figure out which resources and tactics would be best used to promote your site and to include into your overall SEO campaign. What works well in one business need not work for another and so organic search traffic must be kept a close eye on along with the referral traffic. Also, make a note of which social bookmarking site helps in best content performance. As you begin mastering the process, make regular adjustments in order to perfect your approach and also grow your business.


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