A recent poll conducted by Hubspot found that 42.9% of respondents’ biggest trouble was getting people to register for their online events. Reason? Individuals today, particularly in the corporate world are extremely busy. Setting up and attending meetings, conferences, traveling for business prospects, paperwork etc. leaves little time for other activities.

Even though corporate professionals are often very active on emails (widely recognized as one of the most effective and best forms of communication in the business world), it is difficult to get their attention. The primary cause behind this is lack of time along with unimpressive content. In addition, irrelevant content and spamming can further reduce the number of applicants who may sign up for your webinar.


In order to truly pace up your webinar game, it is vital to understand when exactly your emails should be sent, who they need to be sent to and what needs to be mentioned in the email and how. With millions of emails being sent across by the minute and more than half of them directed with the purpose of marketing and sales’, targeting your audience is the most important part. The entire process, although no rocket science, needs a bit of strategy and knowing your clients’ mindset thoroughly.

Tips to get maximum webinar registrations:

  • Understand timelines: While this aspect completely depends on the type of industry, with careful attention, it is very much possible to send out webinar request emails at just the right time. Some of the best times to send them out according to Hubspot are mentioned below:
  • Be wary of spamming: Follow-ups are one thing, spamming is not. Webinar reminders should be subtle, contain a clear message and should be sent only once after the primary email. Bombarding your recipients may often get you out of their list or even worse, blocked. Ensure the reminders are sent at least a day prior to the webinar.
  • Work on the content: What the email comprises of makes a huge difference on how many people decide to register for it. Ensure the content is clear, serves a purpose, is useful to the receiver and is not pushy or promotional in any way. Great content is a sure shot technique to get your webinar invitations noticed.
  • Keep it simple: Stay away from content, design, and layouts that are complicated and look unofficial. Although keeping your email witty and creative will earn your brownie points, going too far in this regard screams attention and is often directed to the junk folder. If you opt for webinar registration services, the results are often too persuasive to the receivers.
  • Go with punchiness and a smashing title/introduction line: The title or the introduction line is the first thing that the recipient notices. Make sure you generate curiosity – give out enough information to strike an interest without giving away everything the email contains.

Lastly, take time, experiment with different techniques and understand your audience. Although with webinars, each time the response shall vary and no two times will possibly get you the same visitors; consistency and upping your game will help you go ahead.


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