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True Influence Launches AppointmentBase

True Influence Launches AppointmentBase

On March 12th 2019, True Influence® announced the launch of AppointmentBase™. As a technology leader in intent-based marketing and demand generation solutions, True Influence now provides a B2B sales solution for the purpose of identifying, qualifying and booking appointments with prospects that are sales-ready.

When building and maintaining a healthy sales pipeline, it is critical that opportunities are identified and sales calls are scheduled. AppointmentBase will be combining True Influence’s decade long leadership experience in B2B demand generation, advanced market intelligence and their 500 million B2B contact database into one robust solution that will help in getting sales appointments with the right prospects at the right time.

Brian Giese, the CEO of True Influence, asserts that their goal is to help their customers maintain a healthy sales pipeline that will have a positive effect on their revenue stream. Through their AppointmentBase solution, they will be working with their customers so as to define the ideal customer profile and to find prospects who have a high propensity to convert which is based on competitive intelligence and other suitable indicators.

AppointmentBase will be able to leverage True Influence’s database that contains more than 500 million B2B contacts in order to identify high-level decision makers who match the ideal customer profile of a company at target accounts.

For the purpose of enhancing the effectiveness of AppointmentBase; InsightBase – True Influence’s intent signal monitoring software – pinpoints individuals and accounts that are actively researching the products and services of a company. This will indicate clear purchase intent. True Influence then uses this intelligence to perfect their prospecting lists from just named accounts to leads generates by third party demand generation programs.

The focus is on purchase-ready prospects and this translates to appointments that are more committed with a higher rate of conversion for a sales team.

Based on the initial conversation with a prospect through True Influence, the company can commit to a follow-up plan or transfer the contact to a nurturing program which strengthens the chance of securing an appointment with a highly-fit sales-ready opportunity. Once a prospect has committed to a meeting with the sales team, the team at True Influence will then book the appointment and deliver the contact directly to the CRM of the customer or their sales engagement platform.

AppointmentBase is an all-inclusive solution that enables users to:

  • Those prospects who are actively interested in a product or service can be identified, qualified, and sales appointments can be made with them.
  • For the purpose of winning new business and keeping the pipeline moving, you will be able to accelerate sales-ready opportunities.
  • Meet revenue goals by quickly scaling prospecting programs.
  • Focus on closing new business by freeing up valuable sales resources.
  • Target prospects that are both qualified and willing to talk.
  • Contact only senior-level decision makers or prospects who make the purchase decisions.
  • For brand-building purposes, determine the true customer fit.
  • Immediately move the conversation forward without revisiting the past through detailed opportunity outlines that provide a complete picture of the prospect’s need.
  • Accurately direct promising prospects for nurturing programs or additional calls, taking the best advantage of the opportunity.
  • Through the use of in-language calls, ensure uncompromising customer experience that can be audited and constantly supervised and coached by the experts at True Influence.

According to Matt Senatore, the service director of Account-Based Marketing at SiriusDecions, “We’re starting to see the rise of formal Account-Development Reps specifically dedicated to ABM teams. However for those B2B organizations that doesn’t fully possess this capability, AppointmentBase can help account-based marketers both engage and qualify demand – passing over accounts that are ready for sales.”

About True Influence

Founded more than a decade ago, True Influence is a demand generation company that accelerates sales revenue and expertly leverages data, technology and content in order to drive high-impact marketing campaigns and to help you win new business by sharing detailed results and insights.

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