Post-Sales Customer Experience is a strategic B2B marketing approach wherein B2B brands strategically use their marketing budgets & resources to inspire their existing customers to advocate their brands. This can be done by publishing pieces of content or videos evidencing positive customer experience, via active media or by utilizing influential customers, who witnessed phenomenal customer experiences, to bring forth their positive experiences in the form of storytelling to aid branding.

Research by SiriusDecisions implied that for 80% of the B2B buyers surveyed, the customer experience was paramount to conclude whether to prefer certain brands over others while making a purchasing decision.

Customer experience is crucial for customer growth, retention & advocacy & can potentially accelerate or drop the sales closure rates of the brands.

Most of the B2B companies though need to do some hard work to meet the requisite standards of post-sales customer experience marketing.

According to a survey by SiriusDecisions, 45% of the B2B customers surveyed seemed dissatisfied with the post-sales customer experience delivered to them & elucidated that they weren’t being delivered with the values that they were promised for while making a buying decision. Owing to the mediocre post-sales customer experience, 42% of the buyers seemed to be a state of indecision about adhering to their brands after having bought the products once.

The study also shows the need to bridge a widening gap between how executives & customers perceive the post-sales customer experience to be & what the actual level of customers’ satisfaction implies.

According to Harvard Business Review, acquiring new customers is anywhere from 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining new ones, depending upon the industry.

Defining & abiding by the customer relationship goals & dealing with the matters of customers’ concern with absolute empathy, sets the stage up for building lasting relationships with the customers. Experiences & emotions are the things that are always important to the customers & these are the absolute basics they always expect from the brands, even after they are done purchasing with them.

Ways to Deliver Phenomenal Post-Sales Customer Experience

According to Gartner’s research, companies that successfully implement customer experience projects begin by concentrating on the ways they collect & analyze the feedback from the customers.

According to a report by Customer Think, customer experience is expected to overtake all the remaining factors critical to purchases such as the pricing & product qualities & will be the key brand differentiator by the year 2020.

Undoubtedly, many organizations & their leaders are doubling down their CX efforts.

According to a report by Forrester, 90% of the customer Experience decision-makers stated that a good experience is crucial to their success. Furthermore, another report by IBM implies that 81% of CXOs anticipate improved digital interactions with the customers by the year 2020 & 66% expect more focus on customers as individuals.

Not only the marketers need to scrutinize what exactly is customer experience & need to train their employees on delivering phenomenal customer experiences, but they also need to reflect on company cultures that prioritize customers’ experiences at every stage of the buyers’ cycles.

Customer experience is important for client acquisition, engagement, conversion as well as for the retention of the existing clients.

When it comes to client retention, post-sales customer experience is an essential ingredient & also helps in accelerating customers’ growth, building a strong platform for customers’ advocacy & lays the foundation for building a strong omnichannel brand reputation.

The Benefits of the Optimizing Post-Sales Customer Experience & Engagement marketing can be enlisted as under:

1. Improves Customer Loyalty & Helps In Customer Retention:

Customer loyalty is an essential prerequisite for client retention & leads to profit. It costs brands much more to acquire a new client than to retain the existing ones. Also, existing clients are brands’ advocates & contribute to omnichannel reputation building & spread positive online & offline word-of-mouth referrals. 

According to the advisory firm Bain & Co., increasing customer retention by 5% boosts profits by as much as 25 – 95%.

2. Delivering exemplary Post-Sales Customer Experience helps decrease Churn:

Brands nowadays are very cautious about creating “customer success” teams to analyze the wants & the needs of the customers. The customers’ data is analyzed & based on the data-driven insights adequate steps are taken towards improving the customers’ experience.

Not only the happy customers are less likely to leave the brands, but they also provide many other beneficial opportunities such as brand advocacy to help businesses grow & prosper.

3. Satisfied Customers are more Amenable to Upsell:

The existing customers who are highly satisfied with the products or services of a company are more likely to purchase supplementary, complementary or similar products from the company or even its sister counterparts. Some popular tactics for upselling include the addition of more seats to buying additional products or even onboarding the sister companies.

4. Happy customers help in omnichannel  Reputation building & Management:

Delivering phenomenal after-sales services & magnifying the pursuit of post-sales customer experience marketing inspires customers to leave positive reviews about brands & services. This can be in the form of video-based testimonials including word-of-mouth referrals.

In a survey report by Podium, 93% of the customers acceded that online reviews influence their purchasing decisions.

If businesses somehow don’t have ample social proofs of delivering exemplary customer experiences, customers’ experience might be deteriorated leading to a decline in buying decisions.

5. People served with exceptional post-sale customer experience can be relied on for brutally honest Product Feedbacks:

Post-sales customer experience is important for fetching honest product feedback. No product can be perfected unless it has received some fair criticism that it deserves. Often, the long withstanding customers of the brands understand that it is highly imperative to fix the loopholes in their existing product lines – both to upsell the products as well as to come up with the improved versions (which are often more user-friendly & more resilient to wrecks). 

The long-existing loyal customers who have been using the products often provide their valuable insights & feedback for the brands to improve their product lines & services.

6. Coalesce Post-Sales Customer Experience Marketing with Account-Based Engagement:

Optimizing customer-centric marketing approaches, whether pre or post-sales engagement of customers (or key accounts) is much simplified if strategies for engaging the vital & big-business fetching accounts (i.e. engagement by account-based marketing or account-based engagement) are combined with the customer experience marketing (CEM) strategies, particularly with the post-sales customer experience marketing tactics. 

Wrapping It Up

Optimizing the post-sales customer experience marketing is increasingly becoming important to B2B marketers. Delivering phenomenal post-sales customer experience not only helps marketers in optimizing their core bottom-line in terms of improved sales revenue by reducing the churn, but it also helps them enable the additional upselling options by utilizing better product feedbacks & social testimonials of exceptional customer experiences.

To succeed in an experience-economy, the B2B marketers must prioritize both the new, as well as the existing customers. Overlooking existing customers, not only leads to an increased number of after-sales grievances but also adversely impacts the long-nursed relationships between brands & customers which are systematically built over the years & lay the foundation for strong brand equities across omnichannel.

Obliviously, brands understand the value of optimizing the customers’ experience, including the importance of post-sales customer experience in architecting omnichannel brand resonance & can’t afford to risk it under any circumstances. The most passionate customers of the brands are their most loyal advocates & most honest critics. They often share their delights with impactful storytelling.

Delivering incredible post-sales customer experience means that marketers must comprehend the value of developing & revering long-term relationships with customers. They must look beyond just winning the sales deals. Having genuine empathy is essential for providing good customer experiences.

Effective post-sale marketing helps customers share their delights & are another way to optimize the post-sales customer experience & engagement.  The goodwill of the customers is a boon for B2B industry & there can be the following four types of customer advocates for any brand:

  • Those willing to share their pieces of knowledge
  • Those who prioritize their preferences
  • Those who share their experiences &
  • Those who provide valuable feedbacks or advice to brands as well as to the potential customers

Moral of the story: You need to care for your customers, as long as they are with you, even if you are done with the selling.

The entire idea of post-sale engagement marketing is weaved around caring about your customers & keeping that human touch of empathy in marketing intact. Customers retaliate by showing some real caring as well. Delivering exceptional post-sales customer experience climaxes with bolstering the core bottom-lines for marketers such as sales revenues, brand equity, customer experience & having a fairly high omnichannel reputation.

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