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October 5, 2022

Everything to know about Google Screened

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October 4, 2022

Everything to know about Marketing Environmental Analysis.

We are an ever-evolving species. Every evolution is a culmination of responses to adapt to changing environmental factors. We adapt as per the seasons, socio-political changes, […]
September 29, 2022

Web Indexing: How Your Search Engine Indexes Through Your Content

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September 27, 2022

Unique features of progressive web apps

E-Commerce is a critical part of many businesses today, and web performance is a key factor in its success. Online shoppers are notoriously impatient, and even […]


Killer Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business

The B2B marketplace post-Covid gets hotter and fiercer day by day amidst the accelerated digital transformation. Discover the latest marketing tips to conquer the marketplace, stand out, thrive, and scale up your revenue goals.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1What does zero trust mean when it comes to security?
    Zero trust security model also sometimes known as perimeterless security describes an approach to the design and implementation of IT systems that is based on a strict identity verification process. The framework dictates that only authenticated and authorized users and devices can access applications and data.
    2What are the major roadblocks to content marketing plan for 2021?
    Research by London Research and ContentCal suggests that content marketers still face considerable challenges in 2021:
    a) The biggest problem facing content marketers is the lack of time.
    b) Another major roadblock is placing too much emphasis on the quality content published and not enough on strategizing
    c) Attributing and measuring the effects of content marketing through the customer journeys
    d) Lack of understanding of the value of content marketing among management Part of the solution to the above problems lies in finding out ways to buy time for in-depth analysis of the content marketing data.
    3What are some sales appointment setting tips?
    Business owners spend quite a vital part of their time in setting appointments. The conventional ways of setting appointment have been shattered in the post-pandemic world. Here’re some strategies that can help marketers better manage their appointments:
    1) Utilize Meeting Scheduling Software
    2) Set Agendas Well Ahead Of Time
    3) Group Your Customers
    4) Switch to Virtual Interactions
    4Why does Agile CMS deliver the goods for marketing teams?
    An agile CMS is essential for ensuring timely, seamless experiences for the B2B businesses. The term “Agile CMS” was coined by Forrester to describe such as type of CMS. Such CMS satisfies and aligns IT teams with marketing practitioners and provides them with a common set of tools and a shared purpose.
    An agile CMS shares many principles with Agile software development. Such software is designed to be used by multiple teams across an organization, and allows for rapid iteration to adjust with the content requirements of the target audience groups and helps drive seamless customer and prospect experiences across omnichannel. The need for such an agile approach is driven by rapidly shifting audience expectations and the requirement for internal tools that support and intensify the results of successful collaboration.
    5What is technical SEO, and how is it useful?
    Technical SEO is a practice of improving the search visibility or advanced organic ranking of your website that meets all the technical goals. Simply put, it is a sub-part of on-page SEO focused on boosting your site rankings elements, generating more audience & increasing conversion rate. The following are major components of technical SEO:
    • Mobile-friendliness
    • SSL certificate
    • Website speed
    • Fix duplicate content issues
    • Create XML sitemap
    • AMP – (Accelerated/ Amplified Mobile Pages)
    • Structured data markup
    • Optimization of 404 pages
    • Canonical URL’s
    • Txt selection for crawling