About Our CEO

Mohammad Tareeq is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director (MD) of Valasys Media. He envisioned and established Valasys Media on 20th March 2015. Since then he has been relentlessly working to establish Valasys Media as a unicorn in the B2B marketing and Media publishing space. He is an excellent mentor to sales professionals, investing time in shaping their abilities and refining them further to help them achieve zenith on their career path. He has also played a phenomenal role in shaping the culture of Valasys Media.

As a pioneer thought leader and B2B leader, he has always stayed sensitized about the corporate social responsibilities of the organization and the issues of national and social importance.

Coming from a humble military background he emphasizes greatly on values such as honesty, integrity, discipline, and punctuality. He has demonstrated exceptional qualities as an entrepreneurial leader in guiding the service & delivery operations of Valasys Media. Under his phenomenal leadership, Valasys Media has become a globally acclaimed B2B Media Publisher, focused on building strong partnerships with their clients, driven by the prime objective of – “Empowering marketers with powerful insights.” Valasys Media provides businesses with data-driven insights and helps them optimize their conversions and sales.