California Residents’ Rights

We breathe in the realm of evolving digitization where data lies at the core of the business we do.

It is imperative to deriving trailblazing insights, to
innovate new products, services & solutions & opt for a scientific
approach to outshine with our marketing & advertising services. 

Valasys Media abides by the regulations of the California Customer Privacy Act (CCPA)
(effective from 1/1/2020, officially called AB-375) to mitigate the data accessibility & control risks
pertaining to the collection, processing & movement of the personal data of
the customers.

We are pledged to comply with the data protection law
CCPA & are doing minor tweaks in our privacy policy.

This privacy document for the residents of California is
an addendum to the privacy
of Valasys Media & applies
to all our website visitors & users who are the residents of the state of

Types of Personal Data Collected

The personal information collected by Valasys Media falls beneath the subsequent categories:

  • Identifiers:  This Data Set comprises of a real name, postal address, online identifier, Internet protocol address, and other similar identifiers. 
  • Search Histories: This data set includes the search history & browser history of the customers.
  • The Electrical Data: This data includes the details of customers derived from the call recording software.

Why do we collect and
process information: how we are using it & what the purpose of this
information is.

Collection of personal data is an essential element of the client
relationship management. Valasys Media assures you of collection &
processing of your personal data in pre-defined & lawful ways for the
following purposes:

  • To live up to our objective
    to elevate our advertising & marketing services to new heights.
  • To precisely target our
    marketing niches & develop our services as per our customers ‘expectations
  • To match up to the evolving
    research habits & expectations of the customers & give them what they
    want by hyper-personalizing our services

How Do We Collect & process information?

Your personal data is amongst the most important business assets for us.
Having an enhanced understanding of our customers assures that we are aptly
able to address their needs. This helps us in meeting or exceeding the
expectations of the customers. We assure you that our methods for collection
and processing of personal information are lawful & in congruence with the
norms of CCPA.

We employ a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool for the
collection, organization, mapping, preparation, analysis & activation of
personal data.

We collect the data in the following steps:

  • We determine what information
    we want to collect. The data is collected only if it is permissible under the
    CCPA guidelines
  • We can track the personal
    data as old as 12 months
  • We store & organize your
    personal data in CRM & thereafter it is further processed
  • We analyze the data &
    implement the insights driven from data analysis

Methods by which Customers can request to access, change,
move, or delete their personal data

Customers can request access to their personal data, can ask to change or upgrade it and can even request to move or delete it. The requests can be submitted to the email address or electronically through the website by filling the Don’t Sell My Personal Information Form”.

Valasys Media is bound to
deliver the disclosures through email or electronically as per the request of
the customers.

Method for Verifying the identity of a person who submits a

Valasys Media is obliged to ensure that we leverage rational security procedures whenever one requests for access, up-gradation or deletion of their personal data. Additionally, we have to also assure that the "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" request comes from the customer.

The identity of the data
subject is verified by matching the email address of the customer and if it is
the same one from which the opt-in request was made.

We don’t process any requests
regarding the personal information of our customers unless we are 100% sure of
their identity. If we fail to authenticate the identity we refuse to give
anonymous persons any kind to say over the personal information & can ask
for additional information to validate the identity.

Sales of users’ Personal Data & how Customers can opt-out
of the selling of their Data

As per the CCPA stature, a
"sale" of personal data means that data is exchanged directly for
money or similar valuable consideration. Valasys Media reserves the right to
selling, renting, disseminating, transferring or communicating the personal
information of the customers orally or in written format to third-parties for
monetary or commercial purposes such as cross-context behavioral advertising.

As the draft regulations of
the attorney general of California under CCPA mention, Valasys Media ensures
that it abides by CCPA’s opt-out requirements.

Steps to Opt-out of the Processing of Personal Data

Step 1: Customers can put forth a Do Not Sell My Personal Information request by clicking on a link with the same name. The link has been provided on the homepage of our website. We allow any user who is a resident of the state of California to opt-out of selling his personal information using this link.

Step 2: Fill in the details in the form such as your name
& email address so that we can verify if it’s you who has made the opt-out
request & hit submit.

Step 3: Alternatively, you can also drop us an email at or call us at +1 303-960-0264 for us to process your opt-out request.

Note: You can opt-out of their data being sold by
Valasys Media using both the desktop or mobile devices.

Non-discriminatory Practices to Ensure Equal Treatment for
the residents of California

Abiding by the section 1798.120 of the CCPA, Valasys Media is
accountable not to discriminate against its customers who are residents of
California, just because they choose to exercise the rights they are entitled
to under CCPA. 

Valasys Media is assured customers' rights to exercise opt-out of collection or monetization of personal data, whenever they wish to.

Customer Rights under CCPA

Valasys Media is obliged to protect your data privacy. We
hold ourselves accountable & demonstrate compliance with the latest
international data protection regulations.

The following is a list of customer rights under CCPA:

  • The Right to
    Access or Disclosure of the Personal Data
  • The Right to
    Erasure or Delete Personal Data
  • The Right to
    Data Portability
  • Right to
    opt-in for Personal data processing & restriction of Data Processing i.e.
    Right to Opt-Out
  • Right to
    being prohibited from discrimination having exercised their right pursuant to
    CCPA such as the right to opt-out of gathering or monetization of their
    personal data

The customers can exercise their right to notice for personal data, right to access, right to opt-in or opt-out, right to deletion of data & right to equal services & prices by contacting Valasys Media electronically or dropping us an email at or making a call at +1 303-960-0264.


Valasys Media reserves the right to amend its privacy
notice at any time at our discretion. We can also disclose individually
identifiable information on specific government requests & if any sensitive
circumstances demand us to do so to keep the lawful outlook intact. We reserve
the right to decide on the third-parties we want to share our site information

Valasys Media is obliged to inform users of their rights
under CCPA as well as explaining them on exercising the same. Our Privacy
policy is CCPA-compliant & we will keep our privacy policy updated as per
the potential amendments in CCPA. Our privacy policy allows customers to know
what categories of personal data we collect & process & customers can
exercise their right to prohibit their personal data from being sold to

As CCPA wording is open for interpretation & will keep on evolving, our privacy policies may be tweaked slightly. You are free to get in touch with us electronically through our website or can write to us at if you have any questions about our privacy policy or your rights under CCPA.