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AI Solutions
Predict trends with 250% accuracy with a 10% increment in revenue within 6 months.
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Lead Management
Optimize ROI by effectively managing & nurturing leads.
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Data Solutions
Boost your lead acquisition by 23% with a data-driven approach.
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Sales Pipeline Management
Systematic management of your leads through the sales funnel.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Valasys Media provides a range of B2B solutions including homegrown Valasys AI solutions like ICP, lead management, data solutions, sales pipeline management, intent data, VMAIL for email marketing, content syndication and data validation. Valasys Media also offers precision demand marketing through their SaaS platform for effective data warehousing solutions.
    Valasys Media provides lead management solutions to help businesses effectively manage their leads. Valasys Media uses various tools and strategies to capture, nurture, and qualify leads throughout the customer journey. This includes lead scoring, lead tracking, lead nurturing campaigns, and integration with CRM systems to ensure a seamless lead management process.
    Valasys Media offers comprehensive data solutions to help businesses optimize their marketing and sales activities. This includes data enrichment, data cleansing, data segmentation, and data analysis services. Valasys Media helps businesses enhance their understanding of their target audience, improve targeting accuracy, and make data-driven decisions.
    Valasys Media provides sales pipeline management solutions to help businesses track and manage their sales opportunities effectively. Valasys Media offers tools and strategies to visualize the sales pipeline, track progress at each stage, and optimize the conversion process. This enables businesses to streamline their sales activities and increase revenue.
    Intent Data refers to the information gathered from online user behaviors and activities that indicate their intent to purchase a product or service. Valasys Media utilizes Intent Data to help businesses identify potential customers who are actively researching or showing interest in their offerings. By leveraging Intent Data, businesses can target their marketing efforts more effectively and increase their chances of conversion.

    Research Intent: We can track the keywords prospects are using and personalize the campaign.

    Purchase Intent: Any reviews left for the similar services.

    Install-based Software: The prospect is currently using.

    Transactional Intent: If the prospect has filled out a form in the last 60 days, or Purchased a product/service by clicking buy now button.

    Navigation Intent via Browsing Categorization: Top 3 frequently visited websites in the last 30 days. Also, percentage of different categories of websites (finance, ecommerce, marketing, IT) visited by the prospect.

    Engagement Intent: What kind of social media accounts the prospects are following or if they have signed up for a Newsletter recently.

    Identifying Intent Signal Strength through Source & Medium parameters.

    VMAIL is Valasys Media's in-house solution for email marketing. It provides features such as personalized email campaigns, automated workflows, email analytics, A/B testing, and integration with CRM systems. VMAIL helps businesses create engaging email campaigns, nurture leads, and track email performance to improve conversion rates.