Google media tools and models, built with and for creators

New generative media models and tools, built with and for creators

17th May’24, New Jersey: Google has a barrage of media tools, software, and applications. It is this ecosystem of Google that makes it a complete and well supplemented environment. G-Suite is a perfect example. Even with the recent advent of AI, Bard and other applications have cemented its position despite the disruptions.

But here’s the best part. Google is coming with a full arsenal of Gen-AI media tools made with and for the creators. And with AI in the wind, Google’s gust of media tools is ready to take the world of creators by storm.

Google’s Gen-AI Veo elevating Video Creation

First up, Google is introducing their most capable and equipped media tools for generating HD video, namely Veo. Be it cinematic or visual styles, Veo will help generate high-quality 1080p resolution videos. Videos can be over a minute.

This Gen-AI has a detailed understanding of NLP and takes into consideration the visual semantics. The model is trained to represent the creator’s vision. It depicts and captures an accurate tone of the prompt and renders minute details in longer prompts.

Veo is designed to provide staggering details without complicating things for the creators. It gives the creators freedom and unprecedented control. Veo is trained to understand the convoluted terminology of video creation like panorama, cinematic shots, timelapse or aerial shorts. And the footage it renders are consistent, coherent, and realistic.

Google’s Veo is inviting a diverse group of filmmakers and creators to experiment with the model and best support the storyteller’s creative process. And what’s more? The testing, design, build and deployment of Veo are done keeping the creators involved in the process.

Veo has been built upon the pre-existing generative video models Google has been working on. It combined the architecture, scaling laws, and the other cutting edge and latest techniques and includes Generative Query Network, DVD-GAN, Imagen-Video, Phenaki, WALT, VideoPoet, and Lumiere.

Currently, select few creators on the waitlist are privately launching Veo.

The best-in-class Text-To-Image Media Tools: Imagen 3

Google’s ability to turn simple prompts to hyper-realistic images has always been great. But with Imagen 3 media tools, Google has set new standards altogether. Imagen 3 is currently the best existing text-to-image model. The level of details producing lifelike images with far lesser distractions visual artifacts than all of their predecessors.

The superior understanding of the NLP, better deciphering of Intent behind the prompts, and a diverse range of styles make Imagen 3 better than its contemporaries. Google claims that Imagen 3 is the best model for rendering text so far overcoming the greatest challenge for image generation models.

Music AI Sandbox revolutionizes the Music Community

Google is excited to announce its latest venture into the fusion of AI and music creation, in collaboration with YouTube and an array of outstanding musicians, songwriters, and producers.

These partnerships are essential in enhancing Google’s generative music technologies, especially Lyria, its most advanced AI music generation model.

As part of this initiative, Google has developed the Music AI Sandbox, a suite of innovative music AI tools. This creative platform enables users to compose new instrumental sections from scratch, transform sounds in unique ways, and much more.

Talented musicians, songwriters, and producers are collaborating with Google to explore the transformative potential of AI in the music creation process.

Today, Google is pushing the boundaries of this experimentation with Grammy-winning musician Wyclef Jean, Grammy-nominated songwriter Justin Tranter, and electronic musician Marc Rebillet. They are releasing new demo recordings on their YouTube channels, all crafted with the assistance of Google’s cutting-edge music AI tools.

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