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Since our inception in the year 2015, we have been trailblazers in the B2B dominion. We have used our impeccable and personalized B2B services to help brands capture attention of their target audience groups so that they can easily achieve their bottom lines by optimizing their marketing and advertising endeavors. Innovation, integrity, transparency, diversity, and excellence form the core of our DNA and our impeccable services have been “Empowering Marketers with Powerful Insights”, which also happens to be the central ideology we function with.

Join us to explore a myriad of exciting challenges from across the globe. Come and be a part of an impeccable culture, work on disruptive technologies, and with clients from across the globe. Be a part of a global community committed to champion several missions along the way.

Open Positions

We're Hiring!

Eligibility Criteria:

  • A graduate having 3-4 years of work experience with PHP Laravel, Core PHP, GitHub, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery & MySQL.
  • Module Development.
  • Demonstrable knowledge of web technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, etc.
  • Proficient in dashboard development for various applications and should be comfortable in understanding the flow of software.
  • Experience with relational/non-relational databases ex: MySQL
  • Strong working knowledge of JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Hands-on experience with PHP and SOAP / REST-based Web Services development experience in a commercial environment.
  • Should have experience with web services standards and related technologies (XML, JSON, REST, SOAP).
  • Ability to design and build web services, and integrations with third parties through API.
  • Should not only implement but also innovate and suggest improvements in (both process and code).
  • Should have an excellent written communication skills (English).
  • Must have capacity to work independently and also as a part of team.
  • Must have dedication and commitment towards work.
  • Enjoys finding and sharing new ideas, technical and otherwise.

Key Management Areas of Responsibility

The ideal candidate should be a great communicator with the ability to effectively describe complicated ideas to different audiences. You are a certified and experienced corporate trainer to help our employees develop their skills and knowledge. Your goal as the corporate trainer will be to conduct informative training sessions, promote company efficiency, and improve the skills of all personnel. You must be highly organized, proficient in time management, and possess excellent public speaking skills.


  • Collaborate with management to identify company training needs.
  • Schedule appropriate training sessions.
  • Oversee and direct seminars, workshops, individual training sessions, and lectures.
  • Plan and implement an effective training curriculum.
  • Supervise training budgets.
  • Prepare hard copy training materials such as module summaries, videos, and presentations.
  • Train and guide new employees.
  • Develop monitoring systems to ensure that all employees are performing job responsibilities according to training.


  • Bachelor’s degree in business, finance or related field.
  • Impressive communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills.
  • A minimum of 3-5 years of proven experience in similar position.
  • Solid knowledge of the latest corporate training techniques.
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills.


  • Cab facilities for employees
  • Sodexo Meal Vouchers
  • Joining Bonus

Key Management Areas of Responsibility

  • The four primary functions of managers are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.
  • Mental – ability to understand and learn; judgement, mental vigour and adaptability.
  • How to communicate, motivate, lead and inspire enthusiasm and trust.
  • Should be able to manage end to end client’s delivery.
  • Experience must be more than 3 years in any field.
  • They should be sympathetic and positive to various suggestions and taken humane decisions.
  • Must be able to handle all the issue and resolve the problem as quick as possible. Must have deep knowledge about the work environment.
  • A manager should have self- confidence. They has to take many decisions daily, they may analyse the things systematically before taking decisions. Once they takes decisions then they should stick to them and try to implement them. A person who lacks self-confidence will always be unsure of his decisions. This type of attitude will create more problems than solving them.
  • Managers must have the ability to think and to conceptualize about abstract solutions. They must be able to see the organization as a whole and the relationships among its various subunits and to visualize how the organization fits into its broader environment.
  • A manager has to undertake a number of functions from planning to control. They has to take decisions for every type of activity. The decisions of the manager influence the working of an organization.
  • Manager should have mental maturity for dealing with different situations. They should be patient, good listener and quick to react to situations. They has to take many awkward decisions which may adversely affect the working if not taken properly. They should keep calm when dealing with subordinates.
  • A manager should have self- confidence. They has to take many decisions daily, they may analyse the things systematically before taking decisions.
  • Must be able to manage the all the team leader and guide with positive response.
  • Monitor all the teams’ performance and report on metrics.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Salary and commission structure variable based on skill-level, past successes, and experience. Valasys is committed to staying ahead of the competition while continuing to cultivate company growth and a WOW Customer Excellence. Our goal is to continue to wow and delight our customers with great people doing great work.
  • Embrace the Valasys Experience and contribute positively as an internal customer.
  • Be a Leader for change and think outside the box.
  • Strive to wow our clients on a daily basis.
  • We Play hard but work harder.
  • Continually find ways to make Valasys a better place to work.

Key Management Areas of Responsibility

  • Minimum 3 Yrs. Experience in PR & Handling a Team of Content Writers
  • Matching Content & Its Delivery Mechanism with Organizational Priorities & Goals
  • Developing Content Strategy based On Company’s or Client’s Business Objectives & End-Users’ Needs
  • Ensuring High-Quality Content Deliverance By Passing On Constructive Feedback to Content Writer & Proofreading
  • Ensuring Seamless Operationalization of Content Marketing Team in Production
  • Planning, Goal Setting & Operationalizing the Deliverance of High-Quality Content
  • Should be Proficient in Technical Writing, Data Analysis, Editorial Skills, SEO Writing, and a Team player
  • Willingness & High Zeal to Collaborate Cross-Functionally to Sparkle Innovation
  • Ensure Deliverance and Distribution of Clear, & Compelling Content Across Multiple Channels to Strengthen Brand Voice & Help the Organization Accomplish Bottom-line Business KPIs
  • Excellent Written & Verbal Communication Skills
  • Strong Leadership & Management Skills
  • A propensity for Creative Ideas and Quick at Problem Solving
  • Supervise and Proofread the Preparation of Internal and External Communications (including announcements, press releases, analytics reports, presentations, technical documentation, sales support, etc. as needed)
  • Strategizing write-ups, schedules, and posts content online; maintains company web pages and blog(s)
  • Supervises/Updates the company’s Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram
  • Helps Plan and Implement Social marketing campaigns for Specific Marketing Goals
  • Create product documentation such as Users guide, Admin guide, Architecture guide, and so on According to Client Demand (Desirable)
  • Proficiency in authoring tools like Madcap Flare, DITA (XMetaL), and Adobe FrameMaker (Desirable)

Professional Skills & Qualification

  • A graduate with a good command over the English language.
  • An understanding of keywords and Meta tags - Ability to write web page titles, Meta tag descriptions, alt tags for images, etc.
  • An effective writing style that is fresh, consistent, and customer friendly. A knack for editing and proofreading with good research skills
  • Experience with social networks and implementation of social media marketing
  • Experience with HTML, CSS, and working with content management systems (CMS)
  • Prior Experience/Exposure to PR Activities, Podcasting & Interviewing Influencers
  • Experience in Writing, Editing, and updating existing or new product or service documentation
  • Work with development, QA, and other cross-functional teams to ensure technical accuracy in the documentation
  • Active bloggers will be preferred. The candidate should be result-oriented, creative, and an independent thinker. In addition, the candidate must have an interest in and enthusiasm for existing and upcoming web trends

Compensation & Benefits

  • Competitive salary, Free transport, and Annual bonus
  • Company laptop
  • Opportunity to advance your career